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Wanted- Foot peg mount Daytona 600

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I'm looking for a exhaust hanger with the footpeg full Mount for a triumph daytona 600 04. Triumph are £91 too steep for me...

I've been looking on and off for one for three years it's not a necessity but wouldn't mind a pillion this year.

I've just read that the full Mount off a gsxr 96-05 are the exact same bracket anyone know if this is true?. Or does anyone know where I could get a triumph one?.

I'm shit at explaining myself in writing but atleast I've tried I've got too much outgoing to go to triumph when I know I won't be carrying a pillion much and would have to notify insurance so I'm sure they'll want something aswell.


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Moved the thread as I think you'll get a better response here.

Also worth looking and asking on some Facebook groups: Hinckley Triumph Owners Club and The Bike Bay. :wink:

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If you're talking about the pillion peg hanger, then that's not a rearset. .....rearset are normally the riders pegs and levers that are moved back a bit on the bike to give a sportier riding position..... :wink:

Have you tried World of Triumph? Sometimes they do older spares a bit cheaper......and try Ivor at National Triumph , although he tends to specialise in older 900 and 1200 models. There's a guy who breaks Hinckley Triumphs in Farningham.....http://www.triumphhinckleyparts.co.uk/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; may be worth giving him a call. .... 8-)

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Hey Johnny

I think maybe your best bet will probably be to get the seller to measure the distance between the top fixing holes and see if that will fit. Also from internet'ing the exhaust fix point looks slightly different on the Suzuki.... maybe try and get a measurement from him for that too?

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