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Anyone had any joy with Bluetooth headset and voice control?

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I bought a scala rider q1 off eBay in the hope of being able to say commands like "call home", "find the nearest Tesco" etc. I may just have bought a bag of sh1te.

I cannot get any voice commands to work, either natively with the scala or using Android Auto or DriveMode apps.

I've got a feeling its the headset microphone that's the weak link, although when I do a voice recording it sounds clear to me.

I fancy myself as technology minded but this is very frustrating and distracting.

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Never bothered with the voice control, but i have set up the shortcut for "phone home". 3 taps on the phone button dials my home number.

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I use a Sena 20S and as long as the device is in what they call ‘ambient mode’ i.e. on and doing nothing then the voice control works fine. You have to wake it up by saying “hello Sena” you have to pronounce it the bloody American way off seena otherwise it won’t work 😡. It will reply “hello, say a command”

Anyway once you’ve got its attention you can say things like:

Seed dial 1, 2 or 3; and it will call one of three preset numbers

Stereo music; will turn your Bluetooth connected music device on. This will be phone or sat nav. Mine is phone.

FM radio; will turn the last station you were listening to on. There are 10 slots for you to preset or you can do an auto scan just like your car radio.

There are some others I think but they are the ones I use. Oh there is one other but I’ve never been able to get it to work and that is when you have an incoming call you can say a word loudly an it will answer. I think it needs to be in ambient mode, but I’ve always got my music playing.

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I give up. Having stuck the bloody thing to the side of the helmet is there any way to remove this mount, or will it be a permanent reminder of the gap between the promise and reality?

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