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Opinion about best heated gloves

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I would like to make a question in the forum.

What do you think about motorcycle heated gloves? Are they worth it?

I have been looking to the TG185 Tugga motorcycle heated gloves, Gerbing XR7, Oxford Inox and I'm thinking about which could be better, some ideas?

Thank you in advance,

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Unhelpfuly I don’t know about heated gloves but I did buy heated liners and I find them excellent. I bought Keis because they were cheaper but this is a false economy if only buying liners because the controller is sold separately. Together with the heated vest and insoles overall Keis was a lot less. I’m thinking of getting the gerbing ones because they look likely a better fit under the glove and perhaps better quality although this is the Keis liners second winter with no issues.

One of the reason I prefer liners is you can change your outer gloves if the weather demands it or if your gloves get wet the liners dry quickly and you can switch gloves. Downsides are they add bulk so you might need bigger outer gloves and if you don’t get a good fit they can make things feel lumpy.

They’re useful in other situations too, I have battery packs and stood in baltic conditions watching a rugby match and everyone around me was complaining bitterly about the cold and I was under the duvet type toasty! I also used them recently when driving a decrepit van with broken heaters but then I’m cold blooded and also took a hot water bottle :oops:

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I treated myself to a pair of Gerbing XRS-12's at Christmas, really liking them so far but the wiring is a bit of a faff. I initially tried the full length XR-12's but they're a joke, came halfway down my forearm!

Are they worth it? Depends how much you ride in the cold.. I commute 15 miles each way and so far I'm loving it, they take out the pain factor from thawing fingertips but as I say the wiring is a faff and it means I can't use my waterproof oversuit (need a gap for the wires!) so if it's raining I have to revert back to standard unheated gloves like a pleb.

Gerbing and Keis offer lifetime guarantees on the heating elements, not sure about the other manufacturers but I wouldn't buy any without that cover because they will all fail in time - 'tis the nature of the beast.

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I use RST Thermotech Heated Waterproof Gloves with silk inner gloves, when I got them 2 years ago had a ride starting at 0400 from Measham up to Manchester & back, it was about 2 degrees, no cold fingers at all. Batteries last about 2 hours on full, 3 medium, 4 low. Spare batteries aren't dear.

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