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CBR125 engine sound


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Hi all newbie here.

I'm really new to this. I just recently purchase this CBR125 I heard stories about seized engines are really expensive to fix. I would like to check whether this CBR125 engine is normal - I do hear ticking sound from the top of the engine. Also, It has faint smoke coming from the exhaust is this also normal. Do i need to be worried about this? Need advice from experienced users!

reference -


Many thanks!

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I rode a CBR for around 2300 miles before I passed my test. Yours sounds different because of the after market pipe. Pipez meanz thrashed. Mine sounded like a sewing machine.

Do an oil change (1 litre, no filters) an pour the old oil through a cloth to see what is in it. It there are lots of metal flakes its something to be concerned about. If not, just ride. If the engine is worn there is nothing you can do about it.

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