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Decisions decisions


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Ok I know I am jumping the gun a little bearing in mind I have not passed my DAS yet. However I can't stop looking at "big" bikes. And as I always take ages making up mind, maybe it's time to start thinking.

I am hoping to have a budget of about £4k and will want to use it for commuting 30miles into the city of London, so needs to comply with ULEZ rules. Plus I will want to have some weekend fun so not all sensible.

I like the naked look :shock: so have been thinking of the following: -

- MT-07

- SV650

- CB650F

But what I really really want is a triple. I have fallen in love with them.

Am I being stupid considering a triple as a first big bike? The reviews are great and although £4k will mean older or higher mileage than the others.

Once I pass I do intend to go on some test rides to make sure they are right.

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You obviously feel the need for Speed - Speedtriple

Or if your a bit effeminate a Streettriple



I guess I am effeminate, or prefer the steering position and smaller engine (due to inexperience and insurance costs)

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I’m in the same boat as you. Not passed yet but already looking for what I want. Can’t decide whether to get an older SV650, or a couple year old er6n or be slightly more sensible with a duke 390

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Used to love ninja's but at my time in life I need something a little more comfortable. I sat on an R1 (my first love) and quickly realised that was not the riding position I want to be in.

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