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Neos 50 2t won't start on button


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Hi All. My scooter has always started on the button until the last week or so. Now,press the button and hear a click but no turnover. It starts fine using kickstart.

I've just tested the battery. 12.5v with ignition off. 11.8 ignition on and when attempting to start drops to 11.7v but stays steady. Spark plug looks good.

I'm thinking battery and plug are fine so maybe the switch? Starter motor?

I'm not very mechanical and don't know how to diagnose this, any advice would be very welcome.


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Solenoid is definitely making a click sound when I press the starter button, but it should do right?


My money is on a build up of dust and crap inside the starter motor. It probably needs opening up and being given a good clean . There are plenty of YouTube videos on this and starter motors are usually fairly similar in design. Before you start pulling things apart try using some jump leads to stick 12 volts directly into it straight from the battery. It's probably already earthed so a lead from battery positive to the wire that's attached to the terminal bolt will tell you whether its working or not.

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Finally got some time to check this out.

2.5 hrs after stripping all the fairings off and destroying half the tabs, checking every circuit I could trace and about to remove the starter motor I thought to myself, 'that connector looks a bit cruddy' .

Squirt of ACF50 and 5 secs of jiggling the connector to starter motor, hey Preston, better than ever.

5 seconds!

Still, you live and learn :D

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