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Name and Shame


<t>Whos fault is this accident</t>  

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  1. 1. Whos fault is this accident

    • Biker
    • Car
    • Both

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My opinion is if you are legal to go for a pass (Which this biker was) then he went for it and did nothing wrong.

The car driver did not check mirrors and went for it. He is in the wrong.

It's the car drivers fault for not using effective observations when performing a manouver.

Take the bike out of it and replace it with a car, then do same scene. It would be the Red Seat's fault again.

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ah got it

car legally at fault but bike should have anticipated the car doing that and been ready. also the bike was way too close and in the cars blind spot, basically riding like a muppet. no use being in the right if you're on a fookin slab

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In my opinion, it doesn't matter who's fault it is. The biker should be riding defensively and should have seen the shadow in front of the car he was overtaking.

I'm more concerned about ensuring my safety rather than ending up in an accident and playing the blame game!

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Not that clear but they came off a bend then lines allow overtake--read in comments that bike didn't signal and car did once then pulled out.

This indicate once and pull out is very common--really annoys me on mway-"I've indicated once and will pull straight out cos those I'm cutting in front of can avoid me"

The bike was too close and should've waited a bit longer after the bend and car did not check mirrors. It was bad driving from both of them but would think the car is at fault.

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I blame the biker, he should have known what was going to happen by learning what the car driver was going to do beforehand. If the car was going at a fair rate of knots before they met the traffic, chances are he's going to think about overtaking. Like Chicane says, it doesn't really matter whos at fault if you end up in a body bag.

Legally though if I was the biker I fight the case all the way.

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Guest philgale

tough one, id say the car as they moved out without checking mirrors and shoulder checking but then the bike should be ready for stuff like that to happen....

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I'd say biker, tbh.

He's too close to the car, he jumps 30kmph (I assume, may be mph) in order to overtake at speed, misses the signal on the car (although, the car doesn't give enough warning nor check his blindspot) and so the biker loses out.

Had the biker been further from the car, not sat on the blindspot, and not suddenly bolted to overtake, he'd have been able to see the car making it's move.

The driver is a plonker, but no more so than the majority of car drivers, they just don't all have gixxers up their boots!

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The reason I said both was that, although the car was legally at fault the rider was being a twohat and brought it on himself.

Hopefully he was pedestrianised for long enough for that to sink in.

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