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Insurance is not just bikes...


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Long story bought my misses a car, she did not like it so 6 months later she's bought another one at very good price I must add...

She phones insurance to change cars:

Phoned Sheila's Wheels.

To change cars mid policy £97.06 and £26 admin charge= £123.06 to add 2 months temp cover £206.24 for old car.

Or I start a new policy of £324.72 or ££29.89 a month, and get a cancellation fee of about £60 for other car, which would then be uninsured.

Net result new policy elsewhere with no no claims bonus is cheaper. Even with hit of £60 cancellation fee when we sell other car.

Anyone want a Pegoeut 205 Estate 1.4 petrol? 85k on the clock. Usual age related marks...

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Why cancel it? Let it run and take out a new policy with another company for the new car. Your NCD is still valid. Or have I missed something?

Letting it run it with new owner bad idea, you must cancel insurance or the car is insured twice and it can back to you personally. A little googling will give you legalise on technicalities.

Your NCD is only valid on one car, out bike off you have 2 cars or bikes each had to have its own no claims bonus.

Hence multi car policies or no NCD but no accidents is legal but ups premium a little bit.

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Had similar problems in the past, I've grown to understand that whichever way you try to do things insurance companies always seem to have you by the Nads! Admin fees always make me smile, £36 when I changed my car! For what .... to punch a few details onto a computer :evil:

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Had my car insurance renewal come through. Gone up £80.

Phoned them,”why the increase” I ask.

“Ah” came the reply “ you had a pension policy with us that has now been cancelled so you have lost the multiple policy discounts”.

I never new I had a multi policy discount.

Any way told them the pension policy was a company one and as I am now retired the policy is no longer.

Finally agreed on a £40 reduction.

Need to try LV next year as I have moved some of the pension accounts to them :roll:

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