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  1. I agree, the road my mate lives on, Tudor Road it's called, is manic. When I called off to see him last time I was down that way I ended up parking in another side street, couldn't get parked near his house. He reckons that's normal for that area, if he works a late shift at the weekend he reckons it's not unusual to have to park a couple of streets away......The problem is there are a lot of cities with thousands of populated areas just like this, not everyone is fortunate enough to live in nice, sparsely populated villages with their own driveways.....I just can't see how they plan or in
  2. This is the road my mate lives on in Leicester, I don't know how many hundreds of terraced houses there are down here but it's a lot ..... How are they going to provide charging points for every house down here? Are charging leads going to be strewn all over the paths potentially creating another problem? Or are they just expecting that the working classes will no longer be able to afford cars! Personally, I really can't see how it's all going to work ....
  3. Sounds like a good course.....I've always said any training is good training, even for people who have been riding for years. I'm hoping, covid permitting, to get on one of the Bikemaster courses this year, see how things pan out
  4. manxie49

    New bike!

    Nice one ..... Enjoy
  5. You're right, it's probably just a convenient excuse
  6. Definitely her fault mate, the fact she tried to drive of afterwards says it all, you did well keeping it together, sounds like she had an abundance of attitude! Not sure about the squeak, however it does sound similar to a squeak I had on an old GPZ I had years ago, that was caused by a warped disc. I would personally take it to the dealer and get it sorted, her insurers will be paying. Go to a physio and get you back sorted as well, keep receipts and submit them with your claim. Hope you get sorted
  7. Mesh jacket with plenty of ventilation, Jackets aimed at ADV riders are normally pretty good and Bullitt kevlar jeans, that tends to be my summer riding gear
  8. My Mate just sent me this on what's app, made me laugh .... I know the feeling well
  9. I've had exactly the same problem Stu, I've just built a raised decking area in our garden, I priced all the timber up last year for the job but never got round to doing it, last year the timber would have cost me £480, this year I paid, for the exact same lot of timber almost £800! Complete joke, and yes, the builders merchant has blamed the excess cost on Brexit. We're also waiting for our path to be resurfaced with a resin type surface, they keep putting the date back and back all the time saying they're struggling to get hold of the resin, it's coming from somewhere in Europe and B
  10. Nice bike, enjoy it mate
  11. Have a look here, admittedly they're not the cheapest but they are good, service from Denali was also 1st rate. I've used Denali DRL's on my bikes for a few years now and never had any issues, friends who have seen me out and about have also commented on how bright they are as well. https://www.denalishop.co.uk/denali-led-lights/denali-led-lights.html
  12. My mate picked up a 2019 XSR 700 for just shy of 4k, the bike looks new, not a lot of miles and he loves it, his remit was similar to yours, something for the weekend ride outs and general knocking about on. Servicing and parts are cheap and easy to come by, and they appear to have a good rep for reliability. Just another idea in the pot.
  13. Tracer 9 has a 193kg Load carrying capacity, still not brilliant but I suppose it depends on how often you go two up. Like I say, in stock form, it's still doable on the Tracer 900GT, you have to adapt your riding style a bit though.
  14. I think it does compared to a standard Tracer although never ridden one in standard version. The big issue I have is two up riding, on my own it's perfect, two up with luggage and it definitely isn't that good .... Now that's either because my Missus packs to much stuff or I'm just a fat t--t!
  15. I've got a satnav mount on it thanks Mike, good luck with the Honda
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