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WSBK chat 2024


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  • 3 weeks later...

We've struggled to get decent recordings on eurosport of the world supers! 


This weekend we signed up to Discovery+ which is free if you have sky and was so much better at getting what you want when you want 




Good bit of racing from the weekend with some promising riders this year instead of it being a one man race like last year 

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weird never struggled to get it on eurosport which is part of the discovery + group for a little bit now.

much admit the user system to find things isnt the most intuitive from the off but when youve worked it out its ok.

still way better than paying bt or skys (in/directly) shocking services and business practices! No f***ing way.

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all i do is use the phone (which is probably harder to do technically? 🤨) and stream to the tv.

so what i do is just search under all sports, superbikes section which include bsb and endurance series but recently they have put that under a different section (thank goodness) find the practices, superpole (pointless feature most of the time) and races under different slots.


they have gotten better last year of actual coverage rather than getting half an hour of golf or some other dreary sport aswell to fast ward pass.

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6 hours ago, rennie said:

We've struggled with eurosport recording! The times are very hit and miss ! I just record the whole day now and use the fast forward button :classic_biggrin:


Pretty much this! It's been hit and miss with the recordings and some times show in the wrong order or miss some of the racing! 


BSB is better it just records all day 😂

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Eurosport used to record the WSBK all day. Then a couple of years ago it changed to separate recordings for supersport and superbike, then individual races when it started showing on Discovery+. It’s a pain I the arse trying to get them recorded now. I missed the whole of race 2 on day 2 because of the red flag in the supersport race. 
I did find it on D+ the next day, but I’d already inadvertently seen the result. 

It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the beginning of the end of WSBK being shown on Eurosport and it going to a paid subscription somewhere. 

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Anyway thats enough about why eurosport is shite at recordings :lol: 


Any predictions for champion this year? 


Personally I think its still too early to predict but Bulega looking good out there as is Alex Lowes! 


I think my money is going on those two 


I think toprak is going to struggle with the bike but I do think he is still going to do well 

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Well for a Guy who was banned for 4 years, The Maniac surely is my tip for the top, or a close second, and loved his tribute to the GO show. [never forget Antony's Gobert's 2000 race 👍]


But as you said @Stu, Bulega seems fast, especially in the first race, and in the latter stages of third race.


Will be a very interesting season.



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He was banned in 2019 on a doping charge for 18months, he appealed and ended up with 4 years, Australia was his first competitive race back. 


He was always a rider I liked even in his early days on the 125 and Moto2, he's a bit headstrong at times, and I'll never forgive him for that move when he took down his team mate Dovizioso on the last lap in 2016!!!!!!


Haha bloody hell I'm feeling old when I look back at some of the race's!! 



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Phillip Island usually throws up some surprises and is not a reflection on how the season will pan out. 

My top 5 in no particular order 


A Lowes







I know. That’s 6, but I think when Bautista is fully fit he will get to grips with the extra weight. 

I can’t call a champion just yet, but with Rea out of the picture this year I would like to see Alex take it. 

This on Iannone https://www.motogp.com/en/news/2020/11/10/andrea-iannone-receives-four-year-ban-after-losing-appeal/163581






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Agree with Fullscreen about Bau and Rea.


Alex always goes well at Australia but cant seem to get results not through lack of trying for quite a few of the other tracks. so for him to be champ would be great but a tall order even if everyone else starts buckling around him. bike is getting abit long in the tooth now...

Sam will do well but a few hiccups of trying to soon might put some poor results than he's expecting.


Iannone as mentioned before with his past but had been a extensive test rider for aprillia for some time now so not exactly out of the game... his only real drawback is his own mid set. will do well but he'll have to rein in his neck a fair bit if hes to get good results. (proof as with the 4year ban- he must of really pissed the feds off with his own attitude).

plus sometimes the independents struggle at set up as some tracks for some reason... unless with the tie in with Iann they work abit closer with the factory??


Bulega, well a real eye opener for sure and definitely suits the duc even though hes not a midget, i do have very high hopes and expectations of him!

if Bar cant get fit or work with the weights then hell defo mop up. nice to see how he handles the other tracks on that bike.

funny how between him and Iannone in the qualifying paddock ,all was fine and happy about it but then iannonne gave him a rough push and a sort of joking but serious hey i beat you but that was fun but i still beat you (like Rossi and marquez used to) rookie and NiC was like ...not impressed by the physical contact just then...his mind said fook off cheating druggy boi!. lol.


Toppy , yep still class and if someone can pull something out of the bag im sure its him...the amount of money and quality riders BMW have thrown at it and still all the good riders struggle to put a strong campaign with a inconsistent package its definitely the behind the scenes bike package/team choice of component's problem.


Rea- big changes after a long time in the same seat, definitely will get good results every now and then but for a title, id like to see it but not through lack of his ability. this year to work at it maybe next year if yama brings out a new bike?

its time for locca to really start to show stronger results and consistency this year on this bike, no excuses now toppys gone hes been middling for too long...


Bau will still be fast on the longest straights and the long exit corners so a good few tracks he'll win without too much trying...its his to lose really. in some ways adding the weight gives options to the team (placement of) if their smart enough and with some aspects the parts he struggled before due to not able to load the bike will help him now.


Hope Dani does well again, likeable chap, maybe the rules will help him abit...


so for me unless a spanner gets thrown in or the rules are more dynamic to level it out throughout the year its will be difficult to stop a Ducati top two/lock out.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Is it just me or does it seem odd that they schedule wsbk and MotoGP on the same weekend ie this weekend ? With such a large gap between wsbk races wouldn't it seem more obvious to schedule races where there is no clash to get more bums on seats and TV viewers 

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