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  1. Really ..dry your eyes you tart
  2. That's a hoody. With an option in the drop down menu to have it printed on a hoody instead. You're about as fun as a ball pit full of rusty nails, huh? a t shirt instead you mean .... And at least I don't look like a cross between one of the muppets and lady ga ga
  3. I'm sorry but in some respects that's rubbish once again it's down to the type of riding your doing, I can Pootle around all day at normal road speeds without hardly using a brake but as we like to have a good blast then I can choose to brake into a corner, hell if we go full circle we could ride to a corner get off and push the bike round Now this debate kicked off because someone said never use front brake in a corner, Now it's obvious some do and some don't that's fine it's choice neither are wrong for their choice and if no one ever pushed some of these theories or themselves to see what was possible we'd never actually improve our own riding. if your braking in the corner your going faster than you should be or want to be, get your speed right approaching it, if you practice that and get that right, then that's got to be safer than applying brakes in the corner. Bet you go through your boots quick getting off and pushing it round.
  4. I hate all cars when I'm out on the bike
  5. Or more likely some retard in a modeo decided to do a u-turn... That's a case of ..how's your luck...
  6. If you got to brake when in the corner , then you have gone into it to fast.
  7. Gather it wasn't doing it before you had new alternator fitted ..take it back to who ever fitted it might be something they've done .
  8. Im in a reggae band , i wanted to play the drums but the rest of the group said I wasn't good enough so they gave me the triangle to play..... I just stand at the back and ting .
  9. I was always going for that seventh gear... I got one that plugs into the diagnostic port on my bike, easy to instal and a good mod.
  10. My advice would be buy a cheap car or get a train
  11. It might help your case if you shot the right person though. don't you think? was the 15yr old who did the stabbing.. but the older man who was shot. bit of a major boo-boo there. (call me old fashioned) He was with him ..good enough
  12. Christmas......... f**k off
  13. If he keeps a sawn off in his house..he must lead a life style where he is expecting trouble, .but fair play to him ,if some f**ker stabbed me in the neck I'd have done the same.... If I had a sawn off , guvner
  14. Discount CBT via groupon ... Thought might be of interest to any one thinking of doing it. http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/maidston ... 2-50054775
  15. Pot ..Kettle I'm not the one asking for pics I'll just look out for the TV show then...when your banging in front of an audience of a few million
  16. Course you got to give it a chance no one wants to see an animal suffer... The worst thing about owning a cat , dog ,whatever....is when they get ill, it can be heartbreaking.
  17. At least there won't be a custody battle over who's taking the Hoover when they split up .
  18. Get your balls out of her handbag and just tell her. She'll ge the hump how ever nicely you try and tell her
  19. That was funny. .. The niegbour probably gave you a look cause he was planning to stop there.
  20. Your not buying the land, your just getting permission from council to get the work done and be able to cross over it and get access to your property.
  21. I had mine done few years back...contact council they have to approve it , can't remember how much they charge to do that , then they give you a list of builders with public liability insurance who can do the job , mine cost £1400 but can be up to £2000, if there are lots of other houses in your street that have had it done , shouldn't be a problem, unless you got a lamppost or tree or bus stop etc out side your house, And as post above said if you got any wires pipes where you want it done ..it will get expensive.
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