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  1. fooking idiots panick buying is causing the problem , which was originally caused by the media.
  2. Six30


    me to, i got a pair of soiled y fronts .... the soiled bit smelt a little bit like apples ....
  3. watching for speed cameras all the time.... its a hindrance .
  4. its the thunk sound ... thats not a good noise on anything mechanical, especially if its a clunk sound and being mistaken for a thunk noise.
  5. i nearly stopped there again today.... you could of bought me a coffee
  6. be ok if you could have a set of blue flashing lights as well.... i'd plot myself up in Hull
  7. Looks nice … one will Dearer than the other … few extras different paint job, get that one .
  8. Nice bit of weather to
  9. why cant you get it back in ? looks easy enough
  10. Getting ready for Wales next week.... hoping for good weather.
  11. Six30

    Roads signs

    your getting me mixed up with @Stu
  12. well handled , he got gobby at first , then he started saying the right things. I would of asked bloke in black car if he saw what happened and got his details as a witness, just to back up your video footage.... could of been worse glad your ok. Although the cheeky fooker did deserve a poke in the eye when he said its just a lump of metal.
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