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  1. Price depends how quick you want to sell it , I haven’t looked what they are going for but if your pricing it in comparison with prices at dealers then people would most likely prefer to buy from the dealer as they get that reassurance if they got any problems
  2. It could fail if it affects rotation of the wheel or is flapping about check this before you mot it
  3. not seen one in the flesh... prefer mine...
  4. learn the drums, there's a position become vacant ...
  5. i dont go out in the dark....
  6. Why is it speeded up , to make your bike look faster
  7. Post a video up of you first attempt of playing Les.... i mean Dynax
  8. posted squashed photos again i gather.... twats
  9. Best of luck , sorry to hear your circumstances .
  10. thats what i'd recommend , get your self a bike, get some confidence on it .
  11. me when i go out on it ... enough said
  12. my nephew passed his cbt in June.... he had concerns , especially with going round roundabouts, he just kept on practicing now he's fine and cant get out enough ... have you got a bike ?
  13. in your w**k bank i probably am .
  14. fook me ... im be doubled up on by the chuckle brothers
  15. dont worry we wont come round to your old peoples home
  16. Not if we hit em hard enough
  17. Get your balls out of her handbag and just do it.
  18. Walking sticks probably better means they are more unstable on their feet
  19. @Stu has this on the other side of the bmw
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