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Camping in the Lakes (Keswick)


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Weekend beginning July 23rd

The plan for the weekend is to arrive Friday at the camp site situated just outside Keswick where we will pitch up our tents, (numbers is not an issue) there is a mass of space for tents. There is also a very secure area to park bikes and cars which will be in our Line of Sight whilst camping.


This is one of the few campsites where you can have a proper stone fire on the floor and it has a very relaxed and chilled atmosphere. I will be cooking for everyone who comes and making sure your basic needs are covered. (I said basic!)

The campsite has very good showers and toilet facilities which are cleaned every morning.

There is a nice stream that will run through our camping area where we can keep beer and drinks COLD!

I have a nice route for a ride out on the Saturday and Keswick town itself is only 10 mins away and worth a look.

Saturday night more camping around a fire.

Hope you can make it folks



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OMG I am so stupid, I put the 30th and I meant 23rd!! not a good start but I hope that doesnt count anyone out who is up for going!


And we are meant to belive you can organise some food as well

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I'm in, and if you want some help or a ride out, i'm sure i can sort something, I know the keswick area well as i lived there for 3 years, working the local hotels.. some great roads and sights.

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Okay now that I have the date right Lets start listing who is coming to Keswick in July.





The Wife? (not sure but will be corrected I am sure :)

ROY and maybe the lad :)

PM sent to iank to see if he can make the new date.

Looking good

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:shock: :o :shock: this actually falls on one of the rare, once in a blue moon occasions that I get a friday, Saturday, Sunday off, so as long as i have the funds, I will be well up for this :D
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