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Ok folks,

So my heated grips have busted again. Second set over 2 winters. I am fairly reluctant to buy a new pair just for them to break again. I am thinking that they are used 2 hours a day, every day, and the bike lives outside so maybe they just don't last that long for me.

So, I am thinking that maybe some fairy top of the range winter gloves would be a more sensible investment.

The ones that I have are ok, but still get numb pain by the end of my hour long trip to work.

Any gloves that are good enough to remove the need for heated grips? Or should I just buy another pair and be prepared to buy yet another pair next winter?

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Yeah I had come across heated gloves, and it seems that some come with a lifetime warranty on heating elements which would obviously be good.

Not many big bike places around here though, and for that price I would probably want to see them.

I will check out the gloves in the link.

I have heard good things about 'Held Freezer' gloves. Seem to get decent reviews.

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Held. Halvarssons and Rukka are all the top of the line. but.. like helmets, you really need to try them on - sizing is just as random in gloves as it sometimes appears to be with helmets. Clearly there are much cheaper gloves out there that can fit the bill too.

its a bit of a minefield.

I have several and swap between them. some are great in extreme cold. some less so. but are good enough for the type of riding I do. To be honest I don't think you can have enough pairs of gloves. not least because if a pair gets soaked.. then its always good to have a spare that you can wear while the wet ones dry out. bear in mind.. leather gloves should never be rushed. they should dry 'naturally'.

Ive also found that your gloves work a lot better if your body is warm. keep your torso warm and the blood can flow to your feet and hands. if your body is cold its perfectly natural for your body to 'batten down the hatches'. pull blood flow from the hands and feet to keep your vital organs warm. So thermals and layers are just as important as which gloves you wear. more so - maybe.

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This was my thinking... probably doesn't hurt to have more than one pair of gloves. And nothing to break as such so seems like a good option.

Just have to find somewhere reasonably local that has a load of decent stock to select from.

Probably will just end up grabbing some heated grips for now, and then look to proper decent gloves later on. When they work, they work well.

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Saw them as well... they generally good enough on their own?

I have hand- guards which mean with heated grips I am fine, but muffs would kill the wind completely so should work ok all on thier own?

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These are £2 muffs bought in China


Anything you buy here will be better, but those ones are good enough I've not needed to use winter gloves while using them (and my summer gloves are very thin leather).

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Well...no biker looks good in deep winter, so I think I may have to give them a go.

Going to head to a couple of shops and see what they have. Probably either muffs or cheap grips, need something by Monday, then hunt a good deal for next time :)

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