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  1. Unfortunately par for the course for certain Hondas of that age. I went through 2 rectifiers and a stator on my 929 Fireblade in 6 years. In the end I kept one of each spare and classed them as consumables. There’s not enough air flow where they’re sited and they overheat.
  2. I managed this in the Pyrenees in 2016
  3. After the announcement that no countries are being added to the Green List, I’m not confident that things will improve in 2 months but we’ll see I guess. You had the best opportunity last year @Gerontious I think, countries have more evidence and data this year to support restrictions. That said, I’m ready to mobilise at short notice, my leave is still booked. However, I have enough midge repellent just in case it doesn’t go ahead Don’t mind a week in the Highlands.
  4. Bought a top box. I’m officially old.
  5. I'm waiting to see how things pan out but would be up for Scotland if a Euro trip is a no-go. Apparently though, everybody and their brother is heading to Scotland so it'll be busy. I'll have a couple of trips to Wales regardless of what happens. You can never have enough rain in your life.
  6. The page says (thanks Google Translate) that other European tours are being added over the coming months so you never know they might be back!
  7. Right here: https://www.adac.de/der-adac/regionalclubs/nrw/motorradtouren-fuers-navi/?redirectId=quer.navbiketour All ADAC maps and suggested loops still available as PDFs and also downloadable GPX routes for yer sat nav
  8. It's a home from home.
  9. My Sunday Great ride but only 100 miles. Tea cakes were lush though.
  10. I start my bike and I'm off right away. I do the same in the car and the bike is no different, bike engines are not made of marshmallow. It think it was more of a ritual to warm up the engine when bikes had manual chokes and it was always wise to let them warm up before closing the choke and riding off.
  11. +1 for Oxford Stormex. I've had 3 of them on different bikes and they have always stayed waterproof. It's worth washing them down once in a while and applying Nikwax, like you would on a tent.
  12. Another vote for Grip Puppies here. Even with them on, the heated grips on my K12 work fine. I used to suffer with numb hands and as @Gerontious pointed out some handlebar grips are too narrow so Grip Puppies bridge the gap so to speak. I've also used one of these for long trips so I can ease the pressure off my throttle hand: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oxford-Products-Cruise-Throttle-Assist-OX609-Motorcycle-Hand-Wrist-Rest-Tour-J-S-/133113792812?hash=item1efe33492c
  13. Both Pfizer vaccines have now been delivered to my left arm. I kinda feel like I’ve got a cheque for loads of money but nowhere to cash it. It’s great but I’m hoping to hear when my freedoms are reinstated. That said, I hope that this time next year we can say we’re through it at last.
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