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Positive Review: M&S Newcastle


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All you hear today and on the net etc. Is all the bad press.. So I want to give some good press.

M&S on Westgate Road Newcastle have been absolute top lads in honouring their word.

- Buy a used TT600

- 4 days later I drop it

-I take it back with all its issues and being honest, knowing full well this could have easily invalidated my warranty

- They take the bike in and fix it free of charge no questions asked!?

- I get it back and a day later there's a real bad stalling issue

- They take it back and fix it, again.. Free of charge no questions asked and all super super polite and helpful.

- I bring in a chain & sprocket set to it whilst fixing idle.. They fit that FOC!

- A "tab" has broken off my sprocket so put all the only chain etc. Back on so I can use the bike in the meantime whilst they order a new tab or whatever (FOC) and said they'll ring me and do the whole fitting again FOC in an hour or 2

Considering the bike was only £1,600 AND I dropped it.. They could have easily just washed their hands with me, but they didn't.

They'll definitely be getting my business in the future.

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They were sick of me hahaz

Oh and I forgot to mention! When I bought the bike the front tyre was nearing the end of its life but still well within legal.. They replaced it with what I'd suggest is a 85% new tyre! Again this is on literally the cheapest bike they had for sale.

Can't fault them.

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So good to hear some good news for a change. It's a tough world for traders at the moment also, good to see there putting customer satisfaction before profits for a change

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