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Module 2 passed

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Congrats on the pass! :cheers:

Ooh well I'm going to say ER6N just because I love Kwaks :lol:

But as a sensible option go sit on as many as you can depending on height and build you may find one that feels much comfier than others. Budget is a factor - you'll be able to pick up old Suzukis generally cheaper than Hondas/Yammys/Kwaks (and Ducati but they are always more expensive!). Have a trawl on ebay see whats available in your area always a good way of getting ideas :thumb: keep up updated with what you go for!

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2007 street triples go for around the 3k mark and are worth every penny. My instructor called it the unicycle because he went everywhere on 1 wheel.

er6n is a very forgiving first bike.

as said, an older bandit 650 will be around the 2/2.5k mark for a tidy one.

For me, i'd be looking at the triumph though - i still am!

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Personally mate think of a naked bike you like then look into the pros and cons of it and see if its right for you everyone will have any opinion on what they do and dont like but that doesnt mean thats what you think.

For me I dont like naked bikes but thats my choice, go with what feels good to you fella but test ride as many as you can first.

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Well done mate :thumb:

Oooh new bike time. Very exciting.

Can't advise you on nakeds, though... I like being able to stretch out and put the kettle on for a cuppa when I'm hooning down the motorway :wink:

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but thats my choice.

Ooh excellent choice of bike you have there sir :thumb:

Suzuki DL1000? Nice spot, Hoggs. Top bike.


Need the like button. :thumb:

Also Hoggs did not mention the colour of the Kwak not being :mrgreen:

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