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  1. knew Ruth from LondonBikers from Her 125 Days and the Maytona ( not a misprint) (James May's Daytona) And met GingerNinja a few times . And just down the road from me also ...
  2. Why not take it back and get them to remedy their mistakes ?
  3. Yes but you need to support the bike really well and have the ability to raise the front wheel off the ground or at least remove all compression off the front forks and it still be stable ... Do 1 fork at a time stops the whole lot bottoming out . Depending on fork end cap type have a heavy cloth /towel over the top of the fork on final moment of cap removal . And lots of rags ready to wipe lots of oil ....
  4. WHAT THE f**k do you think you are doing !!!! It's not just you this has implications for its anyone who is on the road network. Seriously bodging some things are on But brakes never...
  5. Very few have dedicated bike vans apart from the likes of SOS .we have 0 and i believe our orange counterparts have similar .. If a ' garage agent/greenflag ' have a dedicated bike van it would be highly underused and hence why used by the owners. The trucks have a dolly that is used to winch bikes on and off. Most vans can convert their car recovery dolly into a motorbike trailer but these are limited to weights/length ( generally no large tourers or the bigger cruisers). If you generally get a breakdown agent moaning about recovering bikes it is because they don't know what they are doing or lack the proper equipment or confidence so be very vigilant of how your bike is recovered and if you're not happy tell them to stop !. If you ever have any concerns under the yellow company cover and it's not a yellow company patrol dealing with you , you can request to have a yellow attend ..yes it extends the length of time or you can also express that only a yellow patrol attends at the time of reporting the breakdown ( suggested for m/c punctures as plug kits are carried) ( again may be a bit longer wait but normally a qucker outcome)
  6. Remember green flag are a 'franchise' type of arrangement .. Otherwise think they would be a bit busy with this many employees
  7. But none holding the bike upright ....
  8. No we stopped saluting if there was a speed camera .... And as a member you were within your right to stop and ask why no salute which is where upcoming road hazard information would be disclosed . Due to the fact it became an offence to warn others of speed traps etc ( and still is )
  9. Colchester high street had this ( unsure if still there) Would be raised of an evening 135 High St https://maps.app.goo.gl/Ur2fK8f9DHGrmLek6
  10. David silver . https://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk/
  11. Are you just trying online quotes or are you actually calling ? Most won't give online quotes in some circumstances butbif you call they can offer you a more specific list of insurers
  12. Remember the trip home as well and that is after x days riding Starting at 3am is madness . You are starting in the dark and this increases fatigue and raises the risk of animals on the road network.plus the amount of overnight roadworks and diversions can increase the traffic on rural routes and your route distance as well as your planning . Look to leave at 6am-7am and plan your first stop to avoid peak traffic Then you can have elevenses and lunch at 'normal' times and this may correspond with fuel requirements . Myself have covered over 800 miles in one day ... Would i attempt that with a companion .No Will i do it again .... Yes i aim to undertake Saddlesore but that is again on my own and it is that specific reason of 1000miles in 24hrs that i am riding ... Its definitely not what is meant to be a relaxing holiday especially for a honeymoon. And remember May is still in Winter hours (Ie before the longest day not clock based )
  13. Why such high mileage desire in one stint ? By yourself yes it can be enjoyed and on trunk roads and mways you can cover that distance With another rider you cannot micromanage the journey as needs differ. Give yourself more time to get to & fro otherwise when you get to your destination you will be too knackered and unmotivated to go out on bike and need to recuperate loosing time which could have been used to enjoy the travelling more . After 300 miles over country roads your concentration wains and it becomes a desire to get to your destination .
  14. Not specific caravan cover but anything within the t&c limits being towed is covered
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