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  1. Not thread related but fook me i'm sad that i recognise that as Hinton ....And no i am not local .
  2. Bikes revinng etc ....Ace Cafe on a friday Night .....
  3. https://www.theapplefarm.com/ If ever need camping in Ireland ( just down road from Bulmers & Magners Brewery
  4. As so thats how Swesterly escaped ..or are you the captain for his cruise ?
  5. Motorcycle leatherwork is different to upholstery ... the stitching and materials has to be able to withstand so much more than a seat ever will ..
  6. If you have access to a regular fixed address (family/friend ) that you can leave the bike at ,you can try explain to the insurance company that whilst your address may change regularly the bike will be kept at x address when not in use .see what they say/suggest
  7. If the petrol in tank is E10 it may be worth draining and replenishing with fresh..as it absorbs moisture over a shorter time period . ( unsure whenE10 became available in Portugal )
  8. The National Association For Bikers with a Disability may be worth contacting https://www.nabd.org.uk/
  9. Reason being the screw heads are Jis ... For future get a set of drivers from Halfords https://www.halfords.com/tools/hand-tools/screwdrivers-and-hex-keys/sealey-4pc-jis-screwdriver-set-453366.html
  10. Lights on press starter ....do they dim.? If yes starter is stuck / trying to work If no then its time to investigate startiny circuit
  11. Connector /fuse on solenoid charred .. Rear of igniton switch terminals burnt out and not contacting well .( terminals willmove side toside
  12. TimR

    Fuel pump thoughts

    You may be lucky then ...
  13. TimR

    Fuel pump thoughts

    You will probably find it won't work as fy is Fuel injected and 98 are carbs so may not have the desired pressure
  14. Google Police Snap ... See how many uk forces have launched this ability and focus on dash cam footage ... and the prosecutions run quite high . So this is everywhere . So make it part of your decision making .. If i do that how will it be perceived ? Yes it may be over the speed limit but that takes a bit more for them to prove but are my actions falling into a chargeable catergory ... This is From Lincs Police We receive an average of 80 submissions per month. So far, 21 drivers have attended the “What’s Driving Us ?” course, 14 have been issued with a fixed penalty notice, 16 have received a caution. We have also sent 135 warning letters to let drivers know they have been caught on camera, although, on the occasion filmed, no full offences had been committed. Out of the 51 drivers who have attended a course, been issued with a fixed penalty notice or received a caution, 38 were men and 13 were women. The age range 20-29 years had the most offenders, with 14 drivers. The highest age range for men is between 40 – 49 years, with 9 offenders and between 20-29 years for women, with 7 drivers. Types of offences from footage submitted: Fail to comply with a lane closure traffic light signal: 3 Drive without due care and attention: 31 Fail to comply with a stop sign: 16 Drive without reasonable consideration: 31 Fail to comply with a solid white line: 22 Use a mobile phone while driving: 2 Stop within a pelican crossing: 2 Drive while not in proper control: 2 Fail to comply with a road sign or red light: 5
  15. So by not starting do you mean The engine is not turning over when you press the starter button . or is it Turning over but not starting . ? something to think of if its turning over but not starting The engines may be the same but is ignition pick up the same or does it need thecorresponding ecu/cdi ..
  16. Try hitting the brake calipers with a bit of timber or a non metal hammer .
  17. But if you then know what it is , and you know what your bike is you can possibly google replacing cam chain tensioner on xyz bike ? As some models have explicit instructions on how they are replaced etc so i would not instruct on a model i am not aware of ...
  18. Yep i did but someone comes on asking a simple question and the thread ends up being full of needless drivel . So just in case the poster missed the answer to their question within it i thought i would clarify it .
  19. Nope. Only if you passed your car test before before 1 February 2001 without l plates you can ride a moped (50cc /limited to 28mph) The term moped (assigned category AM on a UK driving licence) describes any low-powered motor driven cycle with an engine capacity not greater than 50 cc (3.1 cu in) and a maximum design speed of no more than 45 km/h (28 mph). You do not need to take compulsory basic training (CBT) to ride a moped if you passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001. You’ll still need to complete CBT to ride a motorbike, however. Depending on your licence issue the catergories may be different https://www.gov.uk/old-driving-licence-categories You can check licence entitlement online
  20. https://omcc.co.uk/mopedathon/
  21. TimR

    Roads signs

    Hgv Dont follow sat nav .... (Hgv do not use this road )
  22. Iam now do a fellowship where you retest every 3 . But its a personal choice , you pay a bit less than normal nembership but to retain Advanced you have to pass ( whilst standard membership as long as you pay your dues your an Advanced Rider for life ) I have to redo Masters every 5
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