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  1. Im not sure if changing it affects my MOT so i opted for these clipons so I can remove them during MOTs Wow thanks for the detailed response, definitely need to sharpen up my electricity knowledge haha
  2. So my headlights are pretty mediocre at night so I'm looking to install these aftermarket headlights in addition. I'm just worried that these extra may draw too much power so I'm not sure how it may affect the battery or damage it? (im horrendous with electricity stuff). Is there also a way to check the maximum load the battery can output? Cheers
  3. The 650 was a lil too slow for me.. so I upgraded to a 950 . Sorry Stu and others that said I should get the z1000.. but my short legs can only flat foot this baby
  4. Yes, its from factory, although my key looks identical to a ninja 300 with no imobiliser Mine seems like a normal slim key with no chip in it luckily! Thanks, thought i could save some cash doing it outside the dealer
  5. So i lost a key.. and im planning to order a new one. Its just a normal key (not a smart one) so i was wondering if you would need a dealer to do it or you could just cut the key anywhere? Bike has an immobiliser so im not sure if it changes anything. tia!
  6. I had a used cb125f after my cbt and thing runs like a dream. Kept 80% of its value when reselling it as well (i bought it used) If seat height is a primary concern id have a look at the msx 125 however!
  7. Has to be down in power.. but do you feel that at all riding this beauty?
  8. But it helps me slide my massive phone in with ease
  9. I cant say im not impressed.. it does stop any fluids from leaking in (or out). Great waterproofing, halfords should definitely stock up on these
  10. I wear bull-it jeans and DXR jackets, not super well-known brands but the quality and waterproofing seems to hold up after years of use. Havent tested its abrasion resistance but i dont plan to anytime soon.
  11. Variable rev ranges are the best, fortnine did a great video explaining why and it does make sense logically.
  12. the XSR is basically a retro hooligan MT09 - but since you dont want to be tempted id go with the xjr. Both have plenty of power regardless The new CB650 and CB1000s are also nice naked retro options if you have cash to splash
  13. Commuting 40 miles everyday is definitely not an enjoyable experience on a 125. I had a CB125F and 60mph is using around 95% of all its power AND its quite unstable cruising at that speed given its light weight. Is it doable? Yes. Enjoyable? Not a chance. If youre planning to commute on a bike long-term then id advise doing a DAS and get a bigger bike. For your commute, an R3 or equivalent would he well adequate
  14. I'm once again asking for your motorcycle advice (perhaps financial too after buying). Currently im torn between the Kawasaki Z900 and the Z1000, I sat on both and the Z900's lower seat height + 12kg lighter makes it feel much lighter and flickable than the Z1000, but the styling of the Z1000 and the extra power is also very tempting. I havent managed to test ride either since im buying used. I'm upgrading from a 650, so im not sure if the 122 ponies of the z900 would make me crave for more power. I'm very torn between both so opinions of any bikers that have ridden either of these would be much appreciated. TIA Pictures for reference: Green bike: Z1000 Grey/Red: Z900
  15. https://youtu.be/y7Ge5I34Tls - (warning: video may make you smile) Horrifying. Im disgusted by how the police took THIS long to do what they shouldve been doing years ago
  16. Recently I've noticed that my front brakes seem very bitey (meaning it brake pressure seems non-linear and non-smooth) and feels like the pressure i apply increases in steps. My rear brakes (also ABS-equipped) seems much smoother and feels like a non-abs brake. Question is I don't know what the problem is, or rather if its because of the ABS system? *probably not due to brake fluid since both are changed at the same time Thanks chaps
  17. It's honestly not too bad, I've been taught to put down two ramps for you and the bike to do it safely.
  18. I know this post maybe a little too american, but bear with me. My pickup is similar to the one in the picture and i was wondering if the weight of the bike may damage the door that opens up to the truckbed?(where the rear wheel is on) Thanks for your expertise
  19. Errr , hold on a minute . Thought I'd seen that bike before . benelli's long lost brother
  20. Hey guys, ive decided to buy a new bike and leave my Vulcan s for my pops. I want something naked and sporty so i came across the benelli 600i because im on a slight budget. On paper it looks good relative with the cb650f in terms of power and it honestly fits my pretty well in terms of the sitting position. Although it weighs 231 kilos so even heavier than my vulcan s Seeing that it is now owned by a Chinese company I was wondering whether if the bike has reliability issues down the road? Or lack of quality even? Cheers
  21. I've noticed this both on youtube and in real life. Yesterday when I was filtering down the road in moderate traffic, I noticed a biker filtering infront of me. The majority of cars gave way for us to filter through, but he/she made sure to give a loud rev and stared at cars that fail to give way straight away which made me slightly embarrassed as people might think im riding with the same dickhead. I feel like cars giving way should be a privilege not a righr. This is only the most recent experience, i've personally seen tons of bikers flipping cars off or even tap their mirrors - I feel like these acts complete ruins our reputation. I understand that close calls are scary for us motorcyclists, but i feel like a stare or appropriate gestures are enough, since rather than intentionally hating on the next biker, theyre much more likely to give-way or be more aware of us in the future. I feel like the aggression should stop and we should not promote acts like revving or mirror slapping, else the motorcyclist community might be the most hated out of the motorist family.
  22. Theyre stored outside but i always made sure theyre covered up These are stock ones for the cb125f, its some indian company that i cant remember the name.. it has around 4k miles and i made sure that theyre always plump and happy. Front ones arent cracked. Im guessing just poor quality tires? Ill just do a few skids and change the rear ones out
  23. The 34th week of 2016, im surprised itd crack so early
  24. Tires are just under 4 years old and recently noticed these cracks after cleaning the bike. Tires have plenty of tread left so dont really want to throw them out just yet
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