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  1. Ooh has @Stu had a bad day at work? Cheers Ian
  2. Just a thought you are only a couple of miles from J&S factory in Finedon. I have found them very helpful in the past and an enquiry couldn`t hurt. Cheers Ian
  3. At least I was trying to be helpful lol. Cheers Ian
  4. Fair enough. I don`t like electrical faults but I like clunk noises even less. When you get it home start by removing panels etc and examine everything before you start ripping into it. If in doubt take pics and ask others. Good luck and hopefully an easy fix. Cheers Ian
  5. Oh and I take it your battery connections are nice and tight as you say you have lights. Cheers Ian
  6. On full lock check the state of the sleeve around the cables as they pass round your headstock. If all looks good I take it you have already looked at your fuses? Cheers Ian
  7. Try your horn and headlights it is often chafing of the cables round the headstock which is an easy fix if you are patient and take care. Cheers Ian
  8. You are bang on with that observation. I am sure little schoolkids are told in their cycling profficency that it doesn`t apply anymore. Cheers Ian
  9. Hi James Any lights on the dash when you switch on again? Cheers Ian
  10. I can just see you with a steak and kidney with custard lol. Cheers Ian
  11. Hey Bob Happy Birthday man. Good to hear you deriving some well deserved satisfaction for a job well done and I dare say very appreciated. Cheers Ian
  12. Ian Frog

    BMW special tools

    Can`t remember the size of the bugger on this arm but I have a suspicion it was in the 40`s. Arm was from a 748 I think and fitted the frame beautifully. Cheers Ian
  13. I am not disagreeing with @Stu but as someone who has passed his class 1 test I would respectfully point out that large trailers are in general safer for people to get used to the experience with. The cock ups tend to happen with small, light trailers that some numpty`s forget they have following them. I remember once seeing an empty glider trailer pick a range rover up and flip it off the road I was following in an artic and slowed into the middle lane put the hazards on and waited for the tail to finish wagging the dog. Cheers Ian
  14. I haven`t been to Anglesey in years lol Happy to make a weekend of it though. Cheers Ian
  15. I do like that ! Not so keen on the price but I suppose that`s the kind of figures you have to pay. Grabs bucket and sponge and goes to attack the Busa lol. Cheers Ian
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