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  1. I think I got this one ! Cheers Iam
  2. Cheers Stu I will do something. We are moving to an Airbnb in Stratford in the morning. As it is on the canal and near pubs I will take more pics and update when we get back if you want? Cheers Ian
  3. Whilst in Hay on Wye got myself a Texaco tag Cheers Ian
  4. Gotta say the gospel pass was lovely and I am sure I could bore you rigid with pics but if you get the chance and haven't been there before please do!! Cheers Ian
  5. Today going to ride over gospel pass and aim to get lunch in Whitney on Wye then this evening pub dinner near Luggwardine. I am loving this weather and being lazy. Might look out for a tag or two as well. Cheers Ian
  6. Loaded a weeks worth of luggage lol ready to roll towards Hereford in a while. Cheers Ian
  7. I found the hardest bit was deciding what the 3rd bike should be if I am honest. Good luck and I totally agree with @Gerontious on the W series and as I have ridden one the Enfield mentioned by @Davidtav is actually great fun (admittedly only hired for one day in Lanzarote so not the harshest of reviews). Cheers Ian
  8. Having lived abroad and been involved in transactions where I couldn`t attend, at the very worst I would arrange for a friend or relative to turn up and show the bike/car to the prospective buyer and if they don`t like it or can`t attend I will readvertise or offer to someone else. As @Old-codger has rightly said there are too many scammers out there on both sides of the fence! Sorry but trust no fooker till money and documents are all sorted (That includes insurerers as well! Cheers Ian
  9. Could also try a diet ! Just saying. Cheers Ian
  10. Is "Hoot" what they say up there when they mean hot? Just because wild swimming when it`s not "hoot" wouldn`t be my idea of fun with or without a tent. Cheers Ian
  11. Remember "Abstainance makes the heart grow stronger" Cheers Ian (Who has never managed to abstain from anything in his life !)
  12. Thought I would pick up a tag at an Applegreen garage on the way home from work as I don't see many about. Cheers Ian
  13. On the up side very easy to remove for normal use and save it for long trips. I confess a screen came with my Harley but I have never fitted it and cant believe I ever will (Standard silencers the same lol). Treat it like work clothing and "Remove before playtime" Cheers Ian
  14. Hmm not sure about that look @gymwitch I think I would have gone for neck exercise classes before admitting defeat. Oh and before anyone accuses me of hypocrisy for riding the Busa with a screen the ZRX and Harley neither have them to any noticeble degree and those that know me will hopefully agree I don`t tend to dawdle on motorways and duals lol. Still if it works for you girl especially if you can make those fittings quick change maybe? Cheers Ian
  15. Works on some humans as well lol. Cheers Ian
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