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Changing time on dash clock ZZR600


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Does anyone know how to do this? I don't have the manual and it's driving me nuts as it's a random amount so I can't quickly work out what time it really is.



It's a 2007 if that makes any difference.

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I am absolutely no use to you whatsoever here Katie....but when I tried doing this on my Speed Four I ended up changing the Speedo to Km/H and the temp readout to Fahrenheit...... :lol: :lol:

Have fun..... :wink:

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Thanks everyone :D Tango I know exactly what you mean. One of the centrifuges at work has been in German for the last couple of years after I tried to set a new protocol on it!

I've tried pressing the two buttong but it's like they don't do anything. They are squashy bits of rubber rather than buttons and you don't seem to be able to press them properly. Here's link to one for sale on ebay so you can see what I mean


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copied from another forum

1. Turn ignition on.

2. Push the Clock/Temp button to display the clock.

3. Push the Clock/Temp button for two seconds or more and both the hour and minute displays will start flashing.

4. Again push the Clock/Temp button and only the hour will flash. Push the Odo/Trip button to advance the hour.

5. Push the Clock/Temp button to then stop the hours from flashing and start the minutes flashing. Push the Odo/Trip button to advance the minutes.

6. When both the hours and minutes are set, push Clock/Temp once more, then both will flash once again. You're done.

7. To exit the set mode, press Trip/Odo and the time will stop flashing and the clock will continue normally.

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