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sticking/stuck clutch plates

billy sugger

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I have a 1980 cb125t that I bought to take the cbt and mod 1+2 due to a balls up by DVLA (lost motorcycle entitlement off my licence after a change of details) bike turned out to be a bit of a dog when I got it home and started to check it out - it was missing the rubber manifolds between airbox and carbs, timing was one cog out so valves bent, barrel was scored so burning oil, indicators were so bad it was hard to tell if they were working. managed to get it working enough to do mods, choking the assessor in the process but got a pass.

since pass bike has sat unused in my garage while I went back to my cb500, but I decided to strip 125 and rebuild it with the view of selling it to someone who would appreciate it more.


New barrel.

New valves, guides, seals, pistons.

New points.

Carb rubbers made from 40mm car water hose.

Carbs stripped and cleaned.

Once bike was done and put back together it ran lovely, so I turned ignition off so I could unlock bike from its ground anchor to take it outside for a run. As soon as I got it outside it absolutely refused to run. I had fuel, spark,(good one) timing was right, points gap was right, valve clearance was right.???????

Ended up fitting new coils, plug caps, condenser, and made a temporary fuel tank and after a awful lot of messing about with the throttle stop screws the bike is now running properly buy now I have a new issue. the clutch plates are stuck together so cannot disengage drive to put bike in gear while stationary.

So, anyone on here know how to unstick the plates without having to strip clutch? I have tried pushing bike while in gear, running engine while on centre stand and dropping bike in gear, tapping housing with a mallet, but nowt has worked. :scratch:


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Strip the clutch, if it's stuck that bad then there is every chance that you will rip the segments off the friction plates if you try to force it to disengage. You can strip the clutch on many bikes without draining the oil simply by leaning them over a bit further than normal by sticking a bit of wood under the back wheel. You might want to nip on eBay and order a new clutch before you you even start .

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Have you tried revving it a bit with the clutch lever pulled in?


yep. tried everything apart from stripping. to be honest I just want it running so I can sell it as such, rather than as spares

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