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Waterproofing my gear

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Hey folks,

Need some advice, this winter I’m going to be using the bike for commuting (it wasn’t planned but after my old place Of work went under) and my older gear is wearing a bit thin but I need it to last into the new year before I can replace it. I’ve been looking at waterproofing sprays as my gear leaks after a few minutes in the rain. Can anyone recommend any or any methords they use to waterproof during the winter?

Thanks in advance

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There is no spray that will waterproof a garment that is worn at speed. These sprays are designed to bead falling rain so it runs off before it has chance to penetrate at walking pace or similar slow speeds.. or in the case of a tent, at a standstill. at speed this is completely different. the rain will penetrate as the pressure is much higher, usually in those areas you would rather not get wet. they will help, but they will not make a garment proof against rain that you are hitting at 30mph and more.. if they did then there would be no need for goretex or other membranes.

by far the best 'cheap' answer is to wear a waterproof over layer.. jacket and trousers that will go over your gear. that you can wear when its wet.. and not when its dry. these are not expensive,

Something like this.. in the case of over trousers. https://tinyurl.com/y2nkbjqw

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I have to renovate my textiles every year. It keeps them ok in light rain or walking about. However for serious stuff I have Revitt overtrousers and jacket.

Can't afford Gortex etc but this works for this round year biker

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I use Nikwax, hang my stuff on the line at the end of summer and give it a good soaking, seems to do the job pretty well and I've been caught out in some heavy downpours. It can stain the material though so you have to make sure you wipe away any excess, I use good old dubbing on my boots for the winter months.

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