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Need help I.D.ing parts please

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I am hoping that someone can help me please?  I've inherited some parts from my uncle and I have no clue what some of them are and even more clueless as to the bikes they should go on!  Would it be ok to post some pics here for you knowledgeable chaps (and chapesses) to peruse and educate me about? The only motorcycle I remember him having was a BMW?  He said it used to be an Italian Policeman's bike, or the type that they used to use. 



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Interesting !

The mirrors look like car door items possibly adapted to be used on large fairings like the police used.

Do you by any chance know the age of the police type bike in question?

The chrome bits in the first pics remind me of pannier trim or handle pieces.



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They looks suspiciously like car parts to me.


The larger chrome bits look like classic British bonnet hinges. Something Triumph or Austin maybe. Same for the mirrors.

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The picture of the hinge cem1 ada898 is  a Leyland bonnet hinge.




So my guess is that they're ll Austin/Morris spares.

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Thank you all for your replies.  That's funny, I don't remember my uncle having a Morris Minor. No doubt it was when I was a kid 😆


I'm sorry if I got anyone excited about them being motorcycle parts, it's just I'd always known him to have bikes more than cars. 


Anyway, thanks again everyone and Happy Biking!! 


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