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Things I've learned from one day of riding!

Al Gear

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10 minutes ago, Al Gear said:

"There's a dog, click. There's a bus pulling out, click. There's a cyclist, click. That cloud looks rainy, click. That tree might explode, click. Godzilla might come out of that drain cover, click!"


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Hello. I just thought I'd offer an update. 




I did the theory. I got 50/50 on the questions and 67/75 on hazard perception. Although one hazard I only got 2/5 because I started daydreaming about bikes and, by the time I remembered what I was doing, the car was already half out the side road! 😂 Oops. 


Then I found a place to do my DAS, passed both mods first time, and now I have my full licence. 😁😁😁 Not bad for just over a month. 


Unfortunately it meant I didn't want my brand new 125 anymore. So I had to take a huge hit on that. It basically cost me a grand for a month and 200 miles. But I'll chalk it down to being a life lesson and just another part of this journey of discovery about motorbikes.


Then I bought my first adult bike and I'm in love! 


The Honda DN-01. ❤️❤️




A 700cc, automatic, footboarded, mishmash of a bike that I just think is sexy..... Just in time for the frost. 


I rode my MT125 from Birmingham to Manchester to exchange it, in -1°C, and I've never been so cold in my life!! It started out okay but slowly became torture. But on the way back I had a windscreen and heated grips so I was loving life. Ended up (including getting lost for a while because I had to remove my sat nav fixings) riding there and back for about 4½ hours. 


The only problems so far.... 


The front wheel is miles away and it makes turning "different". Especially slow speed. Gonna take a bit of adjusting. But that's cool. I love a challenge. 


My ultra heavy duty cover I previously bought doesn't fit my new huge bike so I've got to buy another one and now I've got an unneeded 80 quid cover just taking up space. (marketplace, here I come) 


And.... I park my bike in my garden currently. My 125 I would ride in, hop off, and casually wheel it round with minimum effort. I tried that with my DN and realised it will NOT move! It's FARRRRR too heavy! 😭 I've no idea how I'm going to combat that long term. At the moment (with the hard ground) I just ride it round. 


Finally, when I pull out my drive, in my car, it slides down the road on the ice in this weather so I guess my new bike can stay where it is for a while. I like the fairing the way it is. 


I'm excited to start traveling for real. I even bought the panniers in readiness. 


Thank you for all the replies and comments. I hope you are all well. (Sorry for the essay, I get carried away. ) 

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Congratulations on the speedy pass! And the new bike (and for posting a pic :thumb:).

Same engine as the Deauville (so I read), so basically a completely bullet-proof machine. Should be a great bike to ride and get out on. But yes, you'll have to wait for the ice to disappear first. 


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Well done on the pass and the new bike. 
yep, at this time of the year ice is a bout so you need to choose the time for a bike ride.

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Cool congrats. Nice bike.

dont ride on ice it aint worth the risk...


Yeah it will be very different to you 125 in terms of handling especially low speeds.


have you or the previous owner checked the suspension setting? 

I know they look low but seems like it's sitting abit lower than normal plus with the weight of the top box and thats without you on it yet.
when you sit on it adding weight it will compress the back (shock might not have much travel too) and lift the front slightly so with a long rake and higher up front already adding to that a bike like cruiser turn to a sea tanker feeling even more distant.

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I wouldn't even want to guess what 'normal' is with one of those as Ive never seen one in the wild.

Seems like it was one of those mad experiments Honda came up with at the same time as DCT. Though this is CVT with a difference.

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48 minutes ago, Gerontious said:

I wouldn't even want to guess what 'normal' is with one of those as Ive never seen one in the wild.

Seems like it was one of those mad experiments Honda came up with at the same time as DCT. Though this is CVT with a difference.

I’ve only ever seen one… in St Jean-de-Sixt in, I think, 2018.  Looks a good bike for touring… 


@Al Gear congrats on the pass. That’s an interesting choice of bike (that’s not a criticism) as it’s a bit left-field / niche. It’ll probably turn heads as a result of being a bit different. 

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