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TAG? Wanna Play?-- PICS ONLY


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The Rules

1. You ride to the current tag photo. (Keep it in the UK!)

2. You photograph your bike at that location showing both your bike and the object in the photo.

3. You then take a photo of your bike in front of another landmark, geographic location, etc.

4. Post both photo's following the rule.

5. Another rider then must tag your photo.

I've nicked the idea from a USofA site I use. They do it by State (some of which are about the size of our country!!).

Sometimes there is a clue such as a known monument/landmark.

The idea is to get out riding on your bike with a 'purpose'!

Oh, and only one tag at a time. Don't post a second one until you have a photo of your bike at the first site, hence the name "TAG, YOU'RE IT!"

Anyone wanna play?

First one -


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Methodist church Chesterfield


Not too Hard this one


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Posting on behalf of Akey, Willow and Myself....

Church... Akey can you put up the name, I can't remember it!! :D

St Wilfrids Church, Wilford, Nottingham.


New Piccie


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Guest Spire

RAF cranwell provost jet


New Tag


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Guest Spire

Castle Barge Newark


New Tag


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Lands End:


New Tag:


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John O Groats:


As I said, not in front of the same building but at the John O groats sign :)

My TAG if the above is accepted:


P.S.: Let me know if one needs pointer regarding tag.

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