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  1. We can probably manage for a week or so with the Landy for the school run and shopping. My bike will do tomorrow and then I shall need fuel to be able to go to work. wondering when I will need to use my nhs badge to get some.
  2. Bloomin hypocrites, they could let the market sort it out, at worst support training or retraining and wages would rise. can’t have that for workers though!
  3. If you can try it out legally after mending it by doing that on private land then grand.
  4. You do matter young person. have you ever ridden a bike before? Off road or anything. If not, see if a loca bike CBT place willer you have a go before you play on yours.
  5. What about looser higher waisted salopette style would that work?
  6. Garage think reg rec and alternator. I wonder if having bought a cheap reg rec it has cooked everything. either way you all correctly diagnosed electrical and I will probably get my bike back next week some time
  7. Rob I think you are right. In the stress of being at the side of the road I think it was in gear and on side stand when I tried to start it. Maybe the issues causing initial breakdown and it not starting are unrelated. will ring the place in the morning, they already think I am a aTit.
  8. Not tried anything more now. Have given it to a garage. I cannot afford the time to inexpertly learn this time. I need the bike to work or know I need to replace it. That said the mechanic thinks it will be next week before they get chance. been looking at V-stroms on eBay.
  9. That makes sense! btw I can recommend Chas Mann bike cafe and bar it’s not associated with the garage at all but they have taken my bike in to keep it safe and are very warm and generous.
  10. Appreciate the help Ian. I wonder if a six is right. Going to be recovered to a garage. I’m stuffed for time for next few weeks.
  11. I’m not going to do any more exploring right now. I don’t think it is safe in fading light. Battery sending enough juice for lights, starter not even trying. been trying to think what would cause the brief bouts of sudden speed loss and engine noise followed by a thunk sound (I think) and then no response from engine. would something electrical do that?
  12. Headlights come on, horn was flakey before. Nothing happening at the starter motor.
  13. Sat on side of m5/m6 waiting for breakdown.
  14. Oil and fuel, think they both normally come on when I turn egnitiom.
  15. Hi gang, riding along, the bike gets weird almost like sudden engine breaking briefly then okay then sudden engine breaking, then engine cuts out. now turn the key and nothing happens. what could I be looking at? thanks for thoughts.
  16. I’m having to fork out for super unleaded.
  17. If I was that age I would have done that/would advise that to younger me.
  18. Hi Gogs, I’m sorry to read you are having to stop. good luck with the gear, I am sure someone worthy will ask.
  19. I do not follow that advice. Only been on a bigger bike a couple of years but done about twenty thousand miles and would not ride as described by the instructor. i don’t indicate if there is not one to see but otherwise I do -)
  20. 1) ride for yourself. I felt pressured with an obviously experienced and competent rider filtering behind me. At a round about, concerned I was holding him up I went for it into a space. Space was fine but I was going to quickly for my skill and off’d onto the roundabout. He came to help. Ride your own ride, other can wait the likely seconds. 2)if you have an accident, if you are able walk the scene with your camera in selfie mode and describe the events straight away. Include images of the other vehicle, what happened and the other driver if you oh can. 8i was ridden into at a t junction, I was stationary. I didn’t even take photos. Wish I had.
  21. If you don’t get it sorted on this trip if in the UK can always do a grit trip and show you the ropes if you like sometime.
  22. Have you tried Trad before single pitch? I love Trad probably the most of the disciplines but it is a different prospect. I can climb harder on sport well before kids, now I just boulder at the local wall for now have a great time, I am very jealous.
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