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  1. What he said! I did DAS, wanted to compress learning as much as possible - no value in dragging it out. School suggested (very gently) that I needed an extra session before MOD2 (hesitation on roundabouts), passed with no problems.
  2. This is just begging for an extra button on bike's satnav - take me to the lost key Surely it can work out where it's been lost
  3. Ah yes, Tom is fantastic. I took his first two courses - a very real eye opener onto the mechanics of both slow and fast riding.
  4. Which makes it sooo much more difficult to change my XJ6... Or, get approval from the boss to keep it
  5. IMO depends more on galvanic potential voltage than SS grade. On it's own A2 will rust with time in salt water, A4 (316) will stay for long. But if you connect it with any other metal, it just depends on galvanic corrosion. IIRC its ok to have SS and Al (most of masts are done like that), but you don't want SS anywhere near zinc. I suspect that's the OP's problem.
  6. If you use PTFE wires, you're measuring capacitive coupling between them. What's the Df of petrol? Will it work? Also, have at least a cursory read of ATEX - you don't want to be trapped in a situation with an empty tank, some oxygen inside, a wire sparking because of some little inductance somewhere... It's not nice!
  7. I remember my first day of DAS. A little apprehensive, but ok. There was an overwhelming feeling that I don't have seatbelts on - I only got rid of it 2 months into riding. Go figure...
  8. They don't penalise existing customers, they just don't care about them. They make money at the point of sale, after that what can happen? They can only lose money on you
  9. That's simply outrageous... Enjoy!
  10. I have an odd problem when changing gears on my XJ6 (2010, 20k miles). Once in a while (once, maybe twice per tank of fuel, sometimes good for 2-3 tanks) when changing up, the gear lever doesn't come back to the position to put the next gear up - gear lever stays up and is a bit "floppy". Usually it happens on clutchless changes, I don't remember now if it happened when changing using clutch.
  11. Long time ago I had an N-reg A4 and needed a spare key. Went to Timpsons and they cut me the new key and also programmed the immobilizer chip with a box they had.
  12. Just serviced my 2 stroke outboard (15hp Mercury) in preparation for half term. To my horror I learnt that I left it full of fuel in July last year. Mentally I was preparing for a carburettor Armageddon... Fired up on 2nd pull, on old petrol , I'm assuming 2 stroke oil doesn't make and positive difference here.
  13. That's a feature of BT, Apple didn't do anything. Until you get paired with a device, MAC address gets randomised precisely for that reason. For really expensive bikes someone should start working on trackers using LEO satellites. Some IOT sat com offerings are cheap enough to do that (few tens of $ per year for ability to send 50-150 bytes per day). That hardware is also cheap, nothing even remotely approaching costs of Iridium and the likes.
  14. Locus Maps, Sygic. I think both have some sort of free (but usable) demo.
  15. No bloody chance!!! If Zoom calls infect my biking then I'm hanging the keys, two fingers up and it's the sea only for me - enough offshore for mobiles not to work! How would that zoom/sleep Skype work? You still need some helmet headsets, just wired headphones won't cut it for microphone when riding? So, if you have a headset then use its DMC and everything works ,
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