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  1. This weekend is going to be a bit different; Julie is off to Lanzarote tomorrow ... with her friend Lesley .. for 10 days .. Without me .... !!!!!!!!!!!! I’m looking after the children ....... Which is good ..... All 4 of them ... SO .. I have a cunning plan; After school on Friday we are all off to Haxey Quays Camp Site. The girls and lad can run wild ... sort of lord of the flies .. and me and Connor can sit and chill ..ish In the tent Friday and Saturday night, on Saturday we are off to Cadwell to watch the motorbike racing and and eat junk food. Sunday we are off to the Normous Newark Autojumble. At the campsite the girls will play out well after dark with the other kids on site and a great weekend will be had by all ... Thats how it usually works ... BUT .. Julies missing this time .. I’m sure it will work out well.....
  2. TOB Cycle race has been a fantastic opportunity for fans to see the greats of cycling in action. But most of all I was so happy to see Pippa Yorke presenting ... as Robert Millar she was an inspiration to me as a younger cyclist.
  3. My son John went missing. The whole estate was out looking for him ... We called the police .... After 3 hours he was found .... asleep under his bed. We hugged him and after a few tears we all went to bed... In all the fuss and upset, for the first time ever, i did not put the locks on my Yamaha 350 YPVS. In the morning it was gone !! I’ve never forgiven him !!!!
  4. My new one ... Picked up from the Ribble showroom in Clitheroe yesterday afternoon;
  5. Keep away from cars. Keep away from Buses. Keep away from lorries. Keep as much space between yourself and other road users.
  6. Nonsense ... theres no hard border ... just drive across it like i did 4 weeks ago ... and back again the next day ... unless you wear your yellow star who would know ...
  7. Also bear in mind that if you travel to Belfast or Larne from Scotland by ferry there is no jab requirement to enter Northern Ireland or to cross into Ireland .. for those unjabbed for whatever reason.
  8. Child free this weekend, combination of sleepovers, hols with family and the Swiss cheese model has lined up !! Started the weekend by call ing work and telling them i would be late in ... Monday! At 0700hrs this morning i set off from Braithwaite to cycle to Selby, 31 miles of joy. Front garden in Sykhouses ... really... Snaith Bridge ... with Drax in the background ... green power in action .. NOT !
  9. Give it 10 minutes and there will be bypass kits available on EBay ....
  10. There’s a fair bit of MZ in there i think ...??
  11. Off to Belfast ..... Sunday morning 5am, bike packed up the night before set off along the M18 / A1 north bound. Warm, but cool air full of moisture and the smells of early morning sat around 65 mph ... no rush, 1530 ferry from Cairnryan, breakfast planned for the Rooster in Penrith. Filled up Scotch Corner then off along the A66 to Penrith. Got to Penrith a lot earlier than planned to find the cafe closed .... Got to Carlisle a lot earlier than planned to top up fuel .... Realised that even with my gentle progress i was going to arrive at Cairnryan just after 10.00hrs ! THE 11.30HRS FERRY ... Arrived at Cairnryan, went to check-in, explained i was early , the nice people at Stena sent me through onto the ferry ... result. Off at Belfast. Ride 30 miles to sisters. Drink beer and eat food with her and her husband Steve. Bed for midnight. 2 meetings with railway companies on Monday morning then Janet and I went down the Ards peninsula to a small beach just south of Cloughy and spent the afternoon swimming. Home, beer, food, bed. Lovely day. 5am Monday. Ride to the ferry port in Belfast ... empty roads and soft warmth. 8 other bikers on the return trip, including 2, 12 year old pillions, off with there dads touring around Scotland for a few days. We pushed some tables together in the ships cafe and all had breakfast together chatting, sleeping and marvelling at people walking around the outer decks of a ship in the middle of the North Channel wearing masks ... must have been anti- mackerel masks we decided. The ride home was hot, sweaty and uncomfortable .... 32 deg c air temp, engine temp steady between 39- 41 deg c, usually 24 - 26 deg. Glad to get home strip off kit and jump in shower ... 611 miles of motorcycling pleasure .... made a change from getting rained on ...
  12. When i first saw the post my reaction was “Really ! “ But it’s a human factors thing, most of us have minor issues when riding a bike after a period off it ... it takes a few miles to “ get back in the groove “ . But at least most of have a groove to get back into .... As a new rider that groove will be established and the anxiety will disappear. I have to fully agree with the previous posting, “ I’ve loved every second being on the bike through my riding life. “. All 50 years of it ...
  13. Is this at their place at Conisburgh ?
  14. This weekend, on Sunday the 18th, I’m riding to Cairn Ryan from Rotherham and catching the ferry to Belfast. 260 miles. 30 miles to my sisters house at Strangford. Monday morning, 2 meetings with railway companies in Belfast and back on the 0330hrs ferry Tuesday morning for the journey home to Rotherham .. 600+ miles in sunshine on my Himalayan .... I HOPE !
  15. I do monthly rides to Bristol, Salisbury, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh etc, for work, on my 27 BHP Himalayan Those that go on about 400 - 500 mile rides ...... where are they getting the fuel from ... or they doing 3 - 4 150 mile rides, with fuel stops, leg stretches, toilet breaks, cafe visits ... ? My experience is more towards the segment length rather than the total distance. In 2018 i cycled the LEJOG, 912 miles ( we got lost a lot) ... in 14 segments .. or night stops on campsites, near a pub, as we cyclists like to call them ... Enjoy your adventure ...
  16. I'm off to Belfast next Sunday from Rotherham ... nothing special, 260 miles ... I allow a 40mph average speed, mustn’t miss the ferry, and will stop at Scotch Corner for a coffee and a pee and at Penrith for Full English Breakfast at the Rooster or the truck stop cafes. I have a swimming float seat pad which is super comfortable and gives a decent seat rise ... Aim to stop every 80 miles for a leg stretch, it’s not the “Iron Butt” event .... just enjoy the travel ..
  17. Toilets .... As per the title ... trans .. fluid , binary ..... So we all pee and poop .... So why so many toilets .... My girls say that when in clubs and pubs they don’t sit ... just hover .... and often miss the intended target ... Personally I hate mixed sex toilets .. as opposed to unisex toilets .... When I was on deployment with the US Marine Corps some years ago the toilets where all sit down with no partitions !! Nothing ... you where sat having a poo with a girl sat next to you ... also having a poo ... Marines wipe back to front between the legs sitting .... Too Much Knowledge !!
  18. No government can legislate for immortality ... even if this one, and many members of the public, think it can ....
  19. Irony is lost on some .... but good point ...
  20. So my Himma has the original c&s set fitted. It’s done 8000 miles now mostly long distance day rides 2 - 400 miles ... And the worrying thing is .... Chain and sprocket wear is minimal ... worrying. I’ve only had to adjust the chain once in those 8000 miles. Checking the teeth on the rear sprocket shows minimal wear .. I always spray a top quality chain lube on before every long ride. I’ve been riding everything from MZ’s to ZZR 1100’s over the 45 years i’ve been riding and cannot remember a chain lasting so well. Have things really got that better or am i sliding into paranoia ... ?
  21. On Friday 2% of UK deaths where from or with covid, ONS, take it your not bothered about the other 98% ? Never mind the 238 people that died on Friday from cardiac events ... thats died, not went into hospital with covid, went home the next day, and made a full recovery ... as I did. If your determined to live in a world of perpetual fear I’d start wearing your heart attack and stroke masks and giving up motorcycling right away ... I’ts far to dangerous. The pandemic is over, except in the minds of those that are suffering as a result of the worst (and most effective) psychological warfare attack on a population ... by it’s own government ... in human history. Right! I’m off to wake up my 11 year old granddaughter, her first helmet arrived yesterday, and we’re off on our deadly motorbike to the coast for brekkie. Mods .... I promise i won’t post on this topic again ...
  22. You are certainly “not getting yourself” ... what ever that means ??
  23. I've had Covid, diagnosed on the 15th of February 2021, while hospitalised (with covid, at a major South Yorks hospital.) I was very ill for 2 weeks and lost nearly 2 stone in weight, my wife tested positive for covid and recovered in 6 days, and we now have had both jabs .... how much understanding would you like .... I also have my own business and 4 children aged 17, 11, 9 and 3 ... the 17 and 11 year olds have also had Covid, diagnosed by NHS test centres, we have isolated on 2 occasions, Once again .. How much understanding of Covid would you like. Stop testing children to protect adults. It’s child abuse.
  24. Stop Testing Children To Protect Adults. It’s child abuse.
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