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Wierd Splined Socket!!!!

Guest petrolhead1989

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Hey peoples..

FInally got the motivation to replace my clutch today, emptied the oil, casing off etc..

To get the clutch basket off, something beside it needed to be removed to be able to get the clutch off..

I believe its the oil pump?!?!?! its got a tiny chain around it anyway, to drive it..

SO.. the Nut in the center to remove it is a circular nut, but with 4 gaps missing..

Like horizontal to eachother.. Basically in the position of a compass N, E, S, W..

So it requires a special socket that is flat but has the 4 teeth so go inside it?

ANy idea's what the actual name for them is? so that i could get hold of one..

My clutch is in dyer need of replacement...


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cheers guys

But damn.. £20!!!!! :shock:


still cheaper than a mechanic, and at the end of the day if you need it you need it. I'm sure you could flog it once you've used it for a tenner.

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Yeah i had a go at making my own with an old wheel nut socket..

But sadly the nut is soooo tight, it just snapped the teeth off the socket :shock:

My partner is photographer for motorcross at our local tracks, Will ask around, see if i can borrow it :D

Since they see me there alot, and familiar with my face.. It should be fine :D

Got head gasket to do first though, so i can wait..

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Why not do what I said? It's worked for me for over 30 years?


I have no tools to cut a steel bar very well.

PLus i dont have no steel bar, nor a welder to weld a 1/2" socket end onto it so that i can use it on a 1/2" breaker bar..

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