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Crash helmet cam video


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Probably should have been paying more attention than fannying about with his blog bollocks. To be fair to him, the haze from the cars waiting to turn makes it difficult to see what's happening but then again, he should have anticipated the nob who pulled in front of him. A very similar thing happened to me but that was in bright sunlight.

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Maybe if he was concentrating on riding rather than doing his bit for camera he may have anticipated it.

( sits back and awaits vloggers wrath)


Spot on.

Poor obs, too much speed, target fixation. Commentary riding has a time and place, this was neither.

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Definitely good to share this kind of video. There is almost always some blame on both parties. I was told by my dad at a young age to assume nobody sees you even on a clear day with hi vis on and adjust accordingly.

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In my mind talking to a camera whilst riding or driving has to be nearly as distracting as being on the phone.

Im not saying he could have otherwise avoided this collision but it has to take away some of the awareness you have whilst riding.

The amount of people doing videos in cars whilst driving, often at speed and talking to the camera at the same time is silly. Some channels are putting out scripted content from the seats of their bikes/cars, its performing an act alongside driving.

More and more people purosefully looking at any excuse for a road rage reaction just for a bit of content to upload.

Cant help but think they are hypocritical c*nts screaming at someone for being on their phone whilst narrating their own version of eastender sat on a bike.

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