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Wheel vs chain alignment issue


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Morning folks,

Small issue with a new ('18) MT-07. Less than 1k miles.

If I align the chain using a laser alignment tool on the rear sprocket, so that it is perfectly aligned, the wheel alignment on the bike is off. This is verified not only by the marks on the swingarm but also by simply noting a veer off to the right when letting go of the bars on an flat road.

Conversely, If I align the rear wheel to the front (using various methods, although the swingarm marks appear fairly accurate for this) so that the tracking is true straight on a flat road, the chain is not aligned correctly.

I haven't had this problem before, and haven't been able to find much from searching myself. As I said, its a new bike which has not been involved in any incidents what so ever so I would assume there should be no issues with bent frame etc.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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1.Does the bike require a first dealers service at a recommended milage ie 500miles has this been done ?

If No why not ?

2. Was it fine before you adjusted the chain ?

If yes then you have not adjusted it correctly

3. Have you read the owners manual regarding adjusting procedures ?

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I agree with back to the dealer. They often have to do an end build of the bike depending on how it arrives with them. Bikes are transported in packing cases and may not have had the front wheel or bars fitted during transportation, which the dealer then fits. There could be an issue with them or the original build.

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Thanks for the replies,

It's going in for first service next week, but I wanted to have a better understanding if this was something simple before bringing it up with them.

The chain slack was out of spec after approx 300 miles, so I adjusted it then, which is when I first noticed the issue. I have since been tweaking things back and forth trying to find equilibrium and have not managed it, hence the question.

Before I adjusted the chain the first time, the wheel alignment was true and the chain alignment was not - and yes, I have read the owners manual and followed it word for word to adjust.

Thanks again for the input.

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My question would be, Why are you adjusting a Chain with less than a 1000 miles on it!!!!!!!! :o


Mine needs checking & adjusting every 600 miles


Hi as [mention]Meggark[/mention] you need to lube or buy better chains if you need to adjust at 600 miles. Bloody hell that means if I did my normal run to Scotland I would have to take tools to adjust my chain. :shock:

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[mention]Xom[/mention] can you actually see the chain out of alignment or are you just going by the laser alignment tool?

Could be that the tool is out and not the chain!

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Hi Stu!

I have checked the tool against other things and it appears fine, I also checked the chain with the little clamp/rod tool type as well which confirmed it. I do believe I can see the misalignment by eye, but its not too easy for me to see like that - I don't have a great eye for that sort of thing. It is not waaaaay out of alignment to look at, but as it's a new bike I don't think it should be an issue, and it's certainly enough that with the chain in alignment, letting go of the bars will take the bike to the right prominently, even against a steep camber.

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