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Satin paint advice/help .


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Over the last few weeks iv been doing some wee jobs on my bike so I decided to spruce up the paint work/plastics . So I stripped all the old stickers off sanded the lot down to a nice smooth finish . Filled all the dents. scratches . Chips . In . Then used the orange primer which you almost sand all it off .. So I buys 4 cans of the same colour .. Satin black.. So paints the side plastics ..back plastics .tank . And front mud guard .. after 4 coats 24 hour gaps to dry outright. Then puts the lacuer on the lot .. to me it's fantastic as its better than it was and I'm well chuffed . Till I put all the bits back on to the bike . Mud guard last ..... it's all shiny I mean I can almost.See my face .. yet all the other parts are a Matt look

All parts had the same amount of work on them and paint as I warmed up the paint so it goes on thiner which you can do more layers . My 4 layers is like 8 or 10 normal layers . Same with the lacuer .. yet one is all shiny.. Any one help me as i re.do.all other parts or do the mugguard again which iv done.3.times now . Each time back.to the start and doing it all.again yet still shiny ..

HELP HELP. going.nuts now lol.

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Hi yes it's the same as I bought them from thensame shop . They are rattle cans . I'm thinking its a mix up with the labels

As its the only thing I can think off .

I had to ask as in case there was some thing I was doing wrong..

I'm taken the empty cans and the mud guard to show them as I'm not buying more cans because there mix up . Thanks

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I am not sure I fully understand what products were used on which surface, and paint is not an area of knowledge with me.

It seems as though you used different products on the different parts of the vehicle. Metal parts and plastic parts.

I believe that the difference between paint intended for metal and paint intended for plastic is down to the flexibility of the paint. Plastic is less rigid than metal and paint intended for plastic will flex with the panel and not crack as a result.

It seems to me that paint intended for plastic can be used on both plastic parts and metal parts whereas paint intended for metal parts should only be used on metal.

This then might mean that choosing a single product for the entire bike can make sense. By using paint and laquer intended for plastic to cover all surfaces would give a consistency of colour and finish and end any inconsistencies due to having to use different formulations.

I would ask a paint specialist if paint intended for plastic can be used on metal parts.

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This paint is for metal and plastic .

The mud guard is plastic So is the side panels so is the back section there was 4 parts painted was plastic and one part metal (tank ) the side panals .back section .and the tank are all a matt colour the mudgaurd is plastic and was painted the same time . Same.cans as the other items has turned out gloss looking ?? So

I taken the tins back as the label on the cans is printed on to the cans not a paper label same with the lacquer its printed on to the can .. They looked at the mud guard and.both side panels and said NOT A RUDDY CLUE ???? .so I got 2 new tins some wet and dry to repaint the mud guard.. just need a dry day ..

And the company is going to call me back once they checked the tins to see if they messed up or what ever is wrong with the paint .

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Hi . Yes I hope they find some thing as the mud guard was gloss looking to start with so when I finished it was 10 times more shiny that in started. I was what the hell ??? I thought I picked up the wrong tin then they was all the same what's going on??? . So its all sanded down just waiting for the storm to sod off then painting time ..

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Had a phone call today about the paint .. nothing wrong with it ????? So bugger back to square 1 .. well I asked the guy next door who does cars up and sells them . I told him what i did and he says as the mud guard was last to be painted Maybe there was a change in the temperature as that can affect the final paint job . ..So I guess it's that .

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