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Stuck Brake Piston


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So ... Ist learning point is that if you want to inspect brake caliper condition and want to remove the pistons, do it before you take the caliper off the bike so you can use the brake lever pressure to remove them.

So that particular horse has bolted, and now I have a rear brake caliper off the bike with a stuck piston, the other piston moved with some air pressure from my stirrup pump, but this one seems stuck tight.

Any useful suggestions would be appreciated.


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I have a set of these and they work well but not had to remove any really stubborn ones yet with them so not sure how they will perform on those!

Most are removable with compressed air but as you have found out pumping it out while it is attached is the best method

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Do you want these brake pliers or not. I'll near Coventry until Thursday morning from tomorrow afternoon?



Sorry for the delay in responding.

Again, thanks for the offer, but I’ve got them out using a mate’s compressor ( just got home from his ).

The operating area of the pistons look ok and the bores are fine, so a clean and paint of the caliper then reassembly is all that’s required.

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Those pliers can pull out stuck pistons with enough oomph as a foot note.

Seized SV650 caliper, I got the pliers in there, nearly broke the adjuster screw getting it to grip as tight as possible. Caliper on a soft mat on the floor, and basically deadlifted the piston out :lol:

It knackered the grip bits on part of the pliers a bit, but I just used them on a Blackbird this past weekend and they still work fine. Hopefully get a couple more years out of them, they're fairly inexpensive anyway.

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I like to take the rubber bits off the handles and then use a vice to squeeze the tool, that makes it bite good and proper! Then simply twist and pull on the caliper until the piston finally comes out and everything gets a nice coating of brake fluid, ahhh!

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