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U turn nerves

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I bet this gets mentioned thousands of times. I have just failed my mod 1 twice due to the u turn. I had 2 days training with my instructor for one at the centre. I was chilled, smashing the u turns ECT. Then TEST day I'm a wreck (again)

I took rescue remedy - didn't work

Talked to myself to relax - arms locked and shook like I was making a cocktail

Soaked in sweat

I wanted to pass so much that when I failed my u turn this time I asked to continue the test. I was crying as I went round.... what the hell. Cried .......I'm bloody 48years old.

I've dropped the bike loads of times which then scares me.

I have now had 8 training days and 2 tests. Its costing me the price of buying a bike.

I can practice and practice but it's the TEST day that sets me off.

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Hang in there :D

Search my posts re u turn, I had similar issues, in the end I bought a 125 and practiced in my own time to the point of doing full lock u turns till dizzy.

Some folk have no trouble with them unfortunately you and I aint in that category. Well I wasn't at the start, if you practice enough muscle memory and your subconscious takes over, don't go too slow, feather the drive, look where your going and control excess speed with a bit of drag on rear brake.

I'm sure you know all of that, don't give up you will get there, I don't think twice about a u turn now.

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I had similar issues, in the end I bought a 125 and practiced in my own time to the point of doing full lock u turns till dizzy.

125, industrial estate, tennis balls cut in half, many hours, the more Look where you want to be. Be one with the bike. It will go where you tell it. Also, you can do it. You have done it. Lay off the special fuel and ride the bike like you know you can.

There is a saying among musicians:- " An amateur practices until they get it right. A professional practices until they can't get it wrong."

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I found practicing on my 125 too different to the 600.

I had a mantra in my head as a part of the routine.

I would shoulder check, set off, day and do shoulder check and then say ‘off we go, not too fast no too slow’ then complete the turn. I found this really helpful not sure why.

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Guest Richzx6r

When I was doing my uturns at the other end of the test centre there were a line of conifers and basically I looked up towards them when I did it and it took my mind off going slow and turning and it was the best one I'd ever done

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I will always have issue with u turn it is just way it’s go, I start practice on the parking lot using lines, first turn inside the 3 parking space, than 2, once u are super confident you can try in one and half, easier without cones and other markings as they are obstacles and creates potential hazard, at least in my brain, so just parking lines.

Another thing is not to look in your front wheel or just in front of it, look far forward. Looking to close to the wheel will make you slow down and eventually dropping the bike.

I am still going to practice this after 20 years of riding especially when you get new bike. :scratch:

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Practice is the only solution to your problem and also try to keep yourself clam as if get nervous then it becomes a problem. try reading some books or watch some videos to get to know where you are going wrong also try to film your training runs to analyze your mistakes.

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As the one and only post was also the last activity day I imagine advice is pointless.


Logged out 1 minute after posting and not been seen since :mrgreen:

Could be reading while logged out mind.

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