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    BMW special tools

    Took delivery of these today They are BMW special tools for the boxer engine for finding TDC/BDC (top) Cam chain tensioning tool (middle) Cam alignment tool (bottom) Took my a long time to find these! no where had stock and I am not sure if they are supposed to be sold to the public
  2. The thing is you could actually tow stuff anyway just not a great deal it was all about weights and MAM I have towed trailers and had no issues it's when you get in to towing bigger stuff people need to be careful
  3. Stu

    Stuck Front Axle

    Its good to have a bit of feedback on the solution as it may well help others in the future
  4. Stu

    Stuck Front Axle

    @diego1255 I hope it didn't take 2 years to fix
  5. I'm going to disagree! Have you seen how many bad drivers there are out there? These have all supposedly passed a driving test! Just because people have passed a test it doesn't make them a good driver and the same applies for pulling a trailer. Anyone can be taught how to pass a test but the real learning starts once you are on the road and some people just don't have that despite a test pass! I think all the tests are inadequate and not like real life driving
  6. I am led to believe he will get a refund on the test fee Well work will
  7. Check all connections in the area you have been working on as you could have easily pulled or trapped some wiring
  8. The admin account is an auto poster which is fed from RSS feeds from other sites for news and info on new bikes etc etc While the above bike may well not be of interest to you or me or most members on here this is the internet and google search could easily show this thread to a wider audience which could attract more members from around the world. We aren't limited to the UK
  9. Was she working the friars! they do get hot them things.................
  10. Nope you have entitlement for tricycles which is what the code 79(3) stands for You will have to do cbt, theory and test if you want to ride a big bike or just cbt if you want to ride a 125cc
  11. This has been happening for a while and that's why quadlock brought out their vibration dampener There is also some Samsung phones that are affected
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum No the 79(3) code indicates Tricycles only as you can drive those on a car licence You do have a full moped licence though
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