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  1. Stu


    From the album: Wales 2021

  2. Stu


    From the album: Wales 2021

  3. Stu


    From the album: Wales 2021

  4. Stu


    From the album: Wales 2021

  5. Stu


    From the album: Wales 2021

  6. No thanks! Its so everyone can see I am far superior than them
  7. I would remove the fork and make life easy rather than trying to work around a bike
  8. @Tiggie What a dickhead!! You can't even cover your tracks PS I hope you have kept the original
  9. Couple more dogging sites err I mean laybys
  10. Bring on electric
  11. WD40 works well too Not the cheapest way though
  12. It's been perfect and I even found the odd layby.................
  13. Evening all Back from my little trip to Wales! It was a very warm ride home!!
  14. The chances are it once had a mechanical converter on which you could buy and fit
  15. Well made it to Wales! 230 miles on pretty decent quiet roads and not a bad view from the hotel
  16. I will have a google when I get chance
  17. Nope no route planned! I haven't even had chance yet as I have been too busy! Whats this Wales 360?
  18. Stu

    Scotland 2021

    Clearly they aren't
  19. I might be off but we are going to Wales tomorrow
  20. Stu

    Scotland 2021

    So 6 men got scared and did one? Fannies
  21. Because it was against the England team and everyone hates us Unless we are spending money in their country of course
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