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  1. Just don't try and squeeze past it again with your fat arse
  2. I've had my eye on one of these for a while from a well known company which was stupidly priced! I then saw one on eBay a lot cheaper then searching about I found this one for £23 delivered to my door from amazon its identical to the expensive one except for the manufacturers name who was selling them I wouldn't be surprised if they are exactly the same! the quality feels pretty good too Pretty neat for any handy little things that I need to carry not sure what yet but something will go in it
  3. Stu

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday @peatear have a good one
  4. Sounds like you're getting there mate Not sure what we are doing Sunday yet! I didn't even know it was on till earlier today
  5. Stu

    A Fine Line

    The world is getting worse
  6. Be interesting how much time that took to do Brilliant though
  7. Its funny you say that My uncle has a 1992 Harley of some sort and has owned it for a long time he knows nothing about bikes He has always just bought them and rode them and thats as far as it goes
  8. He can't get it out because of those crash bars
  9. Tyre sizing vs rim size Tire Size Rim (inch) 120/90-17 2.50 - 3.00 130/90-17 2.50 - 3.50 140/70-17 3.50 - 4.50 140/80-17 2.75 - 4.00 150/60-17 4.00 - 4.75 150/70-17 4.25 -4.50 160/60-17 4.25 - 5.50 160/70-17 3.75 - 5.00 170/60-17 4.25 - 5.50 180/55-17 5.50 - 6.00 180/60-17 4.50 - 5.5 190/50-17 6.00 - 6.50 190/55-17 6.00 - 6.50 190/60-17 5.00 - 6.00 200/50-17 6.00 - 6.50 200/55-17 6.00 - 6.50 210/50-17 6.00 - 7.00 300/35-17 10.0 - 11.0 330/30-17 11.0 - 12.5
  10. Not true! Its recommended! not the law they would first have to prove that any accident was caused by the tyres plus there is a % tolerance on sizing when they make tyres so a 130 tyre could be up to 10% bigger or smaller how would manufacturers get around that? Michelin actually go to the higher tolerance of sizing and are slightly bigger than other tyres their 180 section tyres usually measure 190 I know this as I have clearance issues with a chain on my TL1000s and contacted them regarding it. Knowing whether you can use the size of tyre the OP wants boils down to rim sizes certain size tyres fit on certain size rims 6 inch rim is for 190> 5.5 inch rim is for around 160 up to 180 The rest I don't know as I never looked in to them as I only had 160 - 190 size tyres
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum The bike sounds normal to me
  12. That makes a little more sense!
  13. Bluetooth disc lock? What does it need bluetooth for
  14. Stu

    Welcome don raper

    Hi and welcome
  15. Its one thing I hate with a passion! But once in it I'm OK
  16. I am sure there will be plenty of solutions available to stop that Even just a simple timer so it charges overnight would work if that suits
  17. I'm sure wireless charging will be the norm
  18. Stu


    You can't have anything these days!! Hope all is sorted out quickly
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