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  1. Do we have to remind you about flashing at all the women? You will get locked up again.............
  2. Some browsers have a data saver setting to help save data and these can cause issues! Iphone isn't it?
  3. National whitewater centre Bala Lake Railway Sun Trevor Olivia's Shell Island
  4. Glad things are looking up for you @Ian Frog Although is that an oil patch from the Harley
  5. There is no reason server side that I can see why they won't load. What browser are you using? has it only just started have you got data saver turned on etc etc
  6. Whats it like when on WiFi?
  7. @Pie man The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Wish I had gone to take a shit pick now
  8. Stu


    Let us know when
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    At least you have got one thing right
  10. Stu


    I'm all the gear all the time this is due to being involved in a few crashes early on and also knowing what damage can be done if the worst happens When we was on the way back from Wales on Saturday it must have been one of the hottest days I have ridden in and I could have easily taken my jacket off! I was melting. Given the choice I probably wouldn't have bothered going out but I HAD to ride home! The amount of people we saw wearing shorts and flip flops was unreal but that is their choice and I leave them to it they aren't hurting me! A mate of mine always comments and gives it loads which I can never understand why as they will learn the hard way IF it happens I saw a post from someone on facebook saying you don't see people giving it loads to anyone going out drinking and destroying their liver or smoking and killing their lungs so why do people comment on what others are riding in
  11. Stu


    All The Gear All The Time if you don't know what it means! Whats your opinions on it all? With all the hot weather we have had there has been a lot of people riding around with next to nothing on except an helmet. This has sparked outrage on a facebook page I am on from people giving it loads about not wearing any protection and being selfish to people saying we souldn't have to wear helmets full stop! Whats your opinions? Discuss...........
  12. drowning my sorrows this weekend as I prepare to go back to work on Monday
  13. You should be taking some before you leave the showroom
  14. Yeah its right bang in the middle Just bear in mind some of the kids are starting to break off now so it may get a little busier
  15. Me and the wife took a trip to Wales for 4 nights and as usual we had fantastic roads and fantastic scenery And to top it off awesome weather We booked pretty much last minute which meant we was pretty much struggling for accommodation! We usually head to Betwys-Y-Coed as a base then have a few ride outs from there I could not get the 4 nights I wanted so ended up settling at a place 7 miles up the road and while the hotel was OK it wasn't great for the price we was paying but beggars couldn't be choosers. We usually like a bit of a walk on a night too but we couldn't even do that as we was stuck on a main road! I was supposed to be route planning on the weekend run up to us going but the mother in law decided to do a number on herself and ended up in A&E for near enough 12 hours! so as a result I had no routes whatsoever! Not a huge problem to be honest but still I like to have some sort of plan. I quickly put a route together for going and even though it took me about 10 minutes it was a cracking route there so I re created it for the return journey Once in Wales we just toddled about on the local roads taking in the scenery with a trip up to Ponderosa and down to cardigan bay and grabbed a few tags along the way. The weather was fantastic and the road was pretty quiet too. It was also the first decent trip on the new bike with the wife so she was a little nervous! which soon passed once we got going. the bike never missed a beat and was fantastic all the way there and back and covered just over 880 miles. Although I had some power issues with the sat nav which I need to look at but its not bike related Overall it was a great trip and well overdue! we figured out that it been 2 years since we had been away due to covid Heres some pics including the tags too
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    From the album: Wales 2021

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    From the album: Wales 2021

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    From the album: Wales 2021

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    From the album: Wales 2021

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    From the album: Wales 2021

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    From the album: Wales 2021

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    From the album: Wales 2021

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