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  1. +1 for the Canon ! Been using them since AE1 and find they are robust, efficient and better value than some other well known brands. Also should you ever need repairs they don`t turn their noses up at older models that weren`t top of the range. Take your time and find something that works for you. Cheers Ian
  2. Ian Frog

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    Finally got completion date on house !!! Friday 24th so Rugby that weekend looking highly unlikely. On the upside I have taken the week off and some of the time will be spent trying to get new workshop into some kind of useable condition. Double garage at the bottom of the garden and secure as access through a drive through garage under house. I can`t fookin wait ! Cheers Ian
  3. @Six30 I think this thread is swinging your way ! Cheers Ian
  4. Do they know Derrick is a swinger ? Does derrick`s wife join in? Just asking ! Cheers Ian
  5. Back in the day we used to use cubs as pit bikes and to recover fallen riders abandoned at the side of circuits lol. When drag racing they have been known to be used for silly races as well. Can`t think of a class of racing where they haven`t put in some kind of appearence if I am honest. Cheers Ian
  6. This is so tempting. At least my one piece leathers still fit as well, whereabouts in the country are you @Bender? Team TMBF hmm has a certain ring to it. Cheers Ian
  7. I like this one.
  8. Ian Frog

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    Thus proving the general public are barmy ! Cheers Ian
  9. Ian Frog

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    My best girl is favourite then ! Cheers Ian
  10. Ian Frog

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    Thanks for the heads up Bob. Is there a dress code ? (I.E Harley Zed or Busa do you think?) Cheers Ian
  11. Ian Frog

    See ya

    Careful @dynax will be looking to get you to prospect for his group! I must get out on the Harley again soon as I haven`t ridden her since the Rex and the Busa came home. I am sure she is jealous lol. Cheers Ian
  12. Sensible move ! There are other ones out there and what others have said about a reflection of the owners care and concern are exactly what I thought. Cheers Ian
  13. @S-Westerly that sucks mate. Is there any scope for shaming graffitti on the ship that would get picked up by people? I once wrote on the back of a company trailer "Transport of the future wages of the past" it didn`t go down well but I had done over a thousand miles up and down the country by the time they saw it lol. Cheers Ian
  14. Don`t think that will hang around long. If I didn`t already have one I would be in the company van already lol. Good luck with the sale. You haven`t got a pro quality tyre changer and balancer going have you? Cheers Ian
  15. From your pics and in particular the last one it looks more like a small oil leak from the cylinder head gasket. To check for sure thoroughly clean and dry the area and after checking the oil level then a brief but preferably quite slow ride will hopefully reveal whereabouts it is coming from. Good luck and keep us posted ! Oh and pics are always useful. Cheers Ian
  16. I am going back down to Dorchester to see Dad in hospital tomorrow and as I am not overfond of tank bags I decided to try a Rhinowalk tailpack and I have to say I am very impressed. A rip off of more expensive systems but I like the flexibility. Check them out and I would be interested in your opinions. Cheers Ian
  17. The backing stuff on the ZRX one is silver to make the text stand out so something similar should work with the TMBF logo and maybe not need anything else than a darkish background? Nice start though ! Cheers Ian
  18. Let me know if you want to borrow my spare one? Cheers Ian
  19. Hi Stu Funnily enough I measured it the other day and it`s dia is 50mm or 2" in old money. As it`s round I presume you are looking for additional BMW roundels lol. Cheers Ian
  20. If that`s your motivation have you considered bagpipes? I kid you not there used to be a fella in the Bedfordshire village of Harold who would practise in his back garden and he was way less than talented lol. Cheers Ian
  21. Seems like a sensible use of thinking time lol. Cheers Ian
  22. Right then. In the hope that the hospital will let my Dad out over the weekend I have booked into a pub in Dorchester near his flat and the hospital. Because the world and his wife and dogs appear to be staying on the south coast I am certainly not using the car regardless of weather, So if anyone is down that way Sunday evening it would be nice to chat and share a beer before the torture that will be a bank holiday Monday schlep back up to the midlands. Oh I will be using the Busa as a form of anger management lol. Cheers Ian
  23. Me neither ! They just looked a little too much like flat drag bars however from above they have a ring of authenticity lol. I am sure a rivet counter will be along soon. Cheers Ian
  24. That looks really good and the SS50 looks very close to standard but surely those bars are wrong? Cheers Ian
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