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DAS booked!

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Booked my DAS course in January!

He lady from the school said that 2 days of training should be enough since I've done around 7000 miles in just under 1 year by commuting on my bike. It's just a thing to get used to the weight of a bigger bike and making sure that I don't have bad habits(those shoulder checks I'm looking at you).

My first "lesson" is on 30.12.18, then 5.1.19, mod 1 test 8.1.19, 15.1.19 mod 2 test.

Happy days!

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If you are already riding you should be fine, if anything the bigger bikes are more stable and easier to ride. Good luck!


That's what other people have said!

I did try some bigger bikes on a private land and they really seem more stable, even if the bike was a sports tourer!


Good luck indeed. You should enjoy the extra power!


Oh yes, i will! responsibly of course! I need to behave on the courses and the test...

A friend took me out on a fazer 600 as a pilion and i was amazed when he gave the bike some beans. Not to mention that a colleague had a gsxr 750 and he said to go with him for a short ride, he didn't go over 10k rpm in the powerband and i was like a small kid giggling and grinning after the ride!

I hope i will keep my licence clean, touch wood, i've managed to keep my car licence clean for 8 years lol. :angel12:

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First day of training finished!

Turned up at the school's headquarters, they've checked my paperwork, all good.

Then we went to the bikes, checked the bikes out, answered some questions regarding the difference between a 125 bike and a big one... etc the bikes were a SV650 and a CBF600S, i went for the sv.

We did the manual handling bit, then start-stop of the bikes, some slow speed manoeuvres and clutch control.

After that, we've commenced the actual training, starting from the beginning, parking the bike up facing forward, then doing the reversing of the bike. from there there was the slaloms and the figure of 8 which i've struggled a bit. The U-turn was a bit of a hassle aswell, kept putting the foot down(because i was going too slow), after a while got the hang of it! Slow speed control was okay.

Then we got into doing the controlled stop, emergency stop, and hazard avoidance. I did find out that i kept misjudging the speed so i was either over the speed or under the minimum speed, got the hang of it after a while.

Before the end of the session the instructor said that i should have a mock test, i said okay, nailed the manual handling, nailed the slalom, cocked up the figure of 8 by dropping the bike because i've pressed by accident the rear brake too hard and the bike stopped and i had to lay down the bike gracefully :lol: . Mind you this was after 8 hours of riding, doing all the things, and i haven't slept well the night before.

The instructor said that i'm at 95% with my skills and that im doing very well and considering that it was my first day on a big bike, and he assured me that i'll pass my mod 1 test but i will need some more training next time before we are going out for the mod 2 training and the practice before the actual test and i should be fine.

I am quite happy of today's work! Could have been better anyways haha.

I'll sleep on it and hopefully the skills i've learned it will ingrain in my brain!


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Yesterday was my second day of training, we did mod 2 stuff, country roads, A roads, residential areas, hill start, parking the bike on the road and setting off...

We had a break and the the instructor said that my general roadcraft is very very good, i never missed a shouldercheck/lifesaver, never left an indicator on or lack of, and my forward thinking is good, and sitational awarness is good as well, a couple of cars pulled on me and i had to slow down and use my horn!

He said though that my following distance when joining a dual carriageway is to close? 2 seconds rule at 70 it's quite a distance and i didn't know that i have to leave a 2 second distance frond AND back, and when you're overtaking vehicles and going back on the left hand lane. Off we went and practiced joining the dual carriageway between junctions(A34) :lol: enjoying the power of the bike, tremendous power i might say, i dont think i have ever been over 30% throttle and it just took off fom 40 to 70!!! i slid a couple of times in the saddle!

Another problem was the spiralling roundabouts when you need to change lanes in the roundabout, he said 'do your checks if you cock up, change lanes in the correct lane, if there's a car or something else in the other lane, just carry on on your lane safely and exit the roundabout at a different exit, treat the examiner as a very very bad sat nav.

I was very pleased that i'm actually alright with my roadcraft because i was sure that i have picked some bad habits from riding my 125!

I have spent the rest of the afternoon doing the mod 1 manoeuvres over and over again, and 2-3 mock tests, all is good! I like to think that i can do it with my eyes closed.

Tuesday it's my mod 1 test! I wil have to go arly there and warm up before the test! :cheers:

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Thank guys!

I've just arrived from my mod 1 test! I have totally nailed it!

Arrived at the school's HQ, sorted the paperwork, went for a quick slow speed manoeuvres warm up ride, off we went to the test centre, not too far away from the HQ. Unfortunately i had to use a shitty cbf125 because we were 3 students plus the instructor. Silly little bike, i much prefer my ybr125, feels bigger and more powerful, and a lot louder, the CBF125's engine was loud as a sowing machine, hilarious, you only hear the engine when you open the taps fully lol.

After 10 mins of riding to the test centre, we've parked up the bikes and i've waited my turn. The DVSA guy came round and invited me to the machine and with the paperwork. Then i was being told to get ready and to on the test course, shoulder checks, and off i went to the first manoeuvre, manual handling, then slaloms, then figure of 8, slow ride.

Then i've met my nemesis, the u-turn, where i have been struggling before. Stopped near the cone, and i said to myself '' keep slipping the clutch and don't look down, look straight ahead over the shoulder''. Didn't put the foot down! hurray! I said to myself '' that's it, it's like i've passed''

The high speed manoeuvres were next, got them right apart from the hazard avoidance where I was off with 1 kph, i could swear that i had 32-33mph on my dash just before the speedtrap bacause i had a glance, got a minor for it though.

Went back to the parking bay and the dvsa guy said that i have passed and congratulated me, complimenting my slow speed control of the bike!

Hard bit is over now, waiting for my mod 2 test next tuesday! The instructor said to treat it as a nice ride out, just be safe and don't do silly things and you'll pass! He's observed me on the way for my mod 1 test. :cheers: :cheers:

I'm looking for bikes already, lol.

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  • 2 weeks later...

How did you get on fella?


Pretty sure [mention]Phill[/mention] passed but think the posts got lost in the great server meltdown of 2019.

RIP posts, 4eva in our harts u wit da angles now

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How did you get on fella?


Passed with 1 minor on mod 1 and 4 minors on mod 2! Wooo


Yes that's exactly it, server went down with my post!

I'll write it up on mod1/mod2 experiences topics!

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RIP posts, 4eva in our harts u wit da angles now


Cringingly reminds me of a gravestone inscription near a memorial I was visiting several years ago:

'A loving Grandad, taken to soon'.

Always wondered where soon was, and if it was worth a visit to discover what Grandad saw in the place.

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