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Mod 2 question

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Hi, so I've got my mod 2 in 2 weeks time. Does anyone have any link to a website where it explains how the test is conducted in a simple way as possible? Just want to be sure if you're asked to do things like u turns etc. I know you do these in your mod 1. From what I can see you only have to do pulling in and out from kerb. Is that correct?

Also, could do with seeing what types of majors you can get. For example going over a flat mini roundabout a major. I didn't realise that. I did it on my lesson right at the start as I wasn't concentrating properly.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Just do what he or she tells you to do, do it safely, life savers a plenty, check your clear around when pulling off from the side, you will do a few stop starts from the kerb and a hill start. If you screw up pulling away start again.

There are no u turns 😁

Good luck

As above Google mod2 and watch YouTube.

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I recently did mine, and just to mirror whats been said above its all simple maneuvers, the only thing that hasn't been mentioned is pulling away from behind a parked car. All easy stuff, relax and the independent ride is not as scary as it sounds.

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I found this useful: https://videobiker.co.uk/module-two . Also, I failed my first one (and nearly got myself killed in the process, which for the record is a major fault), and what set me off wrong was only answering three of the five parts of the "what would you advise a pillion to do" question (and getting a withering, disgusted tone from the examiner to go along with the minor), so I'd recommend setting aside some time to memorise answers for the balance questions - this link includes those along with the show-me-tell-me stuff: https://www.lightningpass.com/motorcycle-test-questions .

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There's a part of the test - usually towards the end - where they tell you to follow signs to some place or road. Just get this firmly in your head: there are no faults for failing to follow the signs, only for riding badly. So keep your focus on the road, and follow the signs when you can do so safely.

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Thanks for your help All! I passed!!! Just one minor which was hesitation overtaking this Tractor. It was a really unfamiliar road. I did overtake it in the end but for too long I was going at most 30mph in a 40 so it was an absolutely fair minor.

Such a good feeling to be fully licensed now!

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