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  1. Once we've got a proper grip on the issues that the planet has, then we should be wasting the billions in sending passengers into the upper atmosphere
  2. Most of central London is already 20 and when you're not stuck in the gridlock due to all the under-used cycle lanes taking up valuable road space, you'll find that no one keeps to the 20mph limit. Not even the police follow it! They killed the city some time ago by making the Bank junction no go for anything other than pedestrians, cyclists or buses due to the ignorant few who decided to jump traffic lights and get themselves either seriously hurt or killed. And those who haven't been hurt or killed are still jumping the lights. Once in a blue moon the police decide to watch and pull them over and give them a stern talking too.... Which they don't care about.
  3. There's still a few stations around me that are closed for petrol. Seems regional now more than anything else
  4. Alan Milliard described the Tracer 700 he was riding in a show as boring..... I bow to his knowledge as an engineer but I'd take boring over having to fix it at the side of a road
  5. It's that time of year when the weekly wash also includes some ACF50 along with giving the plastics a coating of sealant.
  6. I was queuing the other evening to fill up and when the guy managing the forecourt saw me he waved me in. I stayed where I was as I didn't want to be pushing in and even the guy behind me was telling me to go for it. I just thought it was wrong, as said we're all in the same issue. Filled up today and was waiting behind a complete twat in an Range Rover Evoke who put £10 in! These are the morons we need to fix.
  7. Bloody naughty websites.... No not the usual ones that @Stu would be visiting but those deceiving gits who say and look like a UK company only to find they are in Greece! TPL Parts, I was looking to purchase a nice Akra exhaust for the bike and thought I'd confirm they have stock before ordering on the site. They come back with that they are basedin Greece not the UK as per all the look of the website!
  8. As this is to replace a Richa (replaced under warranty), I decided a little upgrade was in order and ordered one of these. Alpinestars Ketchum Gore-Tex.
  9. I've got a pair of Richa which are meant to be water proof, but aren't. It looked like I had pee'd myself. I ended up buying some Alpinestars Andes V2 (Clicky) which work a treat, but when the heavens really open up I put a pair of cheapo waterproof's on top of them. The other option is to look like a giant melon/lemon with one of these bad boys Everything is only waterproof to a point.
  10. So my Richa Infinity 2 jacket recently went back under warranty due to the waterproof inner not working as it should. I have just had a call from the store who tell me that they have replaced with a brand new jacket and would I be interested in an 'upgrade' As this replacement is new they can put it in stock and I get the chance to pick something different than before..... But what to go for? I have recently purchased Halvarssons Walkyr which is a decent enough goretex jacket only complaint would be the arms are a bit too long. So what others are recommendations to look at? Thanks Fish
  11. I might hve to change to my winter gloves if this keeps up.... I had to put the heated grips on this morning
  12. Even using super u/l mine doesn't take £50, so that thinking would screw many an owner.
  13. I'm due to get the car serviced and MOT'd but I'll have to go for a ride on the bike to find a petrol station with some fuel as it's down to a range of 45 miles. Still the bike has fuel so that should cover the week ahead
  14. Send me the key and I'll look after it for you.
  15. I passed a Texaco which had queues around the one way system..... Not bad they'd only increased the price by 10p/ltr And I'm almost certain that the two young lads out for a ride without helmets on, the passenger had a jerry can and spyhoning kit was just nipping round to grannies to make sure she had enough fuel in her micra.
  16. Quoting the insurance is misleading to be honest. Some get ultra low prices and some get quote like mortgage prices.
  17. Yes I am tempted to get a box for it so I don't go taking too many cyclists out on my way to work
  18. After recently having the pannier frames re-powder coated I decided to make sure they fitted ok...Does my arse look fat now
  19. All empty around SE London
  20. Might uncover the bike and give it a wash. Well it's the only thing I can do as there's no petrol and bot the bike and car need fuel.
  21. The rider was most likely on their way to the Ace Cafe to continue riding like a d*ck
  22. The thing that makes you a strager is that you're new here. If you had been on the forum for a while that would be different, but two posts (both in this thread) makes you new aka a stranger. Yes I'm London based, but you state that you find the current crop of video's out there boring as they are mostly riding only video's and not interviews finding out about the riders/owners, but you then say that you want video's of the bikes revving, rolling shots and burnouts with an odd interview of two. Make your mind up please. I'll be passing on this one
  23. The Yamaha dealer I stopped at today looking for a handlebar bag to store my phone whilst riding. Whilst talking with the parts/service person, I said that I was looking to replace the exhaust for something a little louder (re commuting into central London) and he mentioned that a deal might be had on an underbike Akrapovic (Yam Tracer 700). I said that I wanted the model that sits underneth the bike and not the model that has the backbox going up the side of the bike. So I go home and pick the car up and get back to the dealer. I get the exhaust home and start unboxing like a kid at Christmas and guess what version they gave me! Yeap the one that goes up the side of the rear wheel! Gave them a call and he was in the workshop and they'd give me a call back! There I was looking at going for a ride to get the ECU used to the exhaust change before riding into London which is mostly traffic light grad prix central.
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