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Can't stand these type of people...


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If he is a Paramedic he probably got sent home from work , in fact he probably gets sent home regular , who would work with that Mothers onion.

I reckon he's a car park attendant really of traffic warden or whatever they are called out there.

Bet any Harley riders on here are face palming :lol:

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What a miniature moron! :roll:

Just makes you wonder what happened to make him This insecure that he needs to prowl round 'his neighbourhood' causing hassle.. I guess the only thing I can say is fair play to him for keeping this crap up against two geared bikers who are much taller than him, not just pegging it!

.. Though that Action pose at about 5:52 cracked me right up :lol:

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At 6:04 he states he's diabetic. My guess is his blood sugar is all messed up making him irrational and angry.

Was anyone else expecting him to pull a gun from under his coat in his hand!?

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Wouldn't you just love to meet him and for everything he says you one-up him.

Nob: "I'm a tactical paramedic"

Boss: "Well I'm a tactical paramedic ninja"

WTF is a tactical paramedic anyway? Does he leap out from behind a bush with an oxygen mask or spend ages planning how to treat you piles?

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