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Disclaimer - Nothing to do with 'Forum Dad'. :shock:

OK, so - Park the bike in a town centre car park, secure and walk away. 20 metres (or so) I hear an alarm "Sounds like my bike" I think. On turning around, I see a woman lifting her kid off my bike seat!!!!

I quickly walk to the bike and cancel the alarm - She says "I thought it would be OK to let my son sit on it while I went in the shop". WTF - How stupid can you get???

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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When I lived in London I had similar happen a few times but with teenage lads.

Walking towards my CBR600RR, which I'd blinged up with some Akropovic kit (making it just a big target in hindsight). As I get near I see a young lad with a helmet under his arm sat on my bike chatting up two girls.

I walk over, pull the key out and say "You're sat on my bike" to which he jumps off sheepishly. These girls then laugh and start walking off so I think he was telling them it was his.

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Bikes seem to be an easy target for it, came out of Tescos earlier this year and found some bloke sitting his kid on my bike and taking photos on his mobile, he didn't seem to see the problem with it and didn't even apologise, wonder what he would have said if I'd of done the same with his Range Rover Evoque that I seen him drive off in!

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Yeah, I've had this loads of times , of course if the kids leg stuck to the hot exhaust or , heaven forbid , it fell on them it would be no laughing matter.


Yeh it would .

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