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Selling on EBay PayPal withholding funds..


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Is this normal?

Finally I am siftng through mums stuff she died 2 years ago.

So far I have sold £254.75 pence worth of stuff ..

Last batch sold tonight.

PayPal with holding £134 pounds presently. Seems that everything I am selling they are holding the money for 20 days.

Even when it's been delivered signed for with positive feed back.

How much interest is PayPal earning from all this? I can understand as new seller (although buyer for over 15 years 100% feed back) holding till received. For a few items...

After that though it's taking the....

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It's cause your a new seller .

They are questionable in the way they do it, I had sold my first batch of 4 items no problems.

Monies straight to my account, Positive feed back from 3/4 of buyers no negative they send one message saying we might with hold money. Then BAM the next batch that's it we have your money we keep for 21 days.

1) Order dispatched, we keep your money.

2) Order delivered, we keep your money.

3) Positive feedback received, we keep your money.

I have the next lots sorted ready to sell, and am eyeing up the following batch. If people keep buying on my buy it now prices before the auction ends they could end up withholding £500-£1k from me for the next month or so (yes I have allot of stuff to sell).

By the time i have dispatched this last batch, I will be running at a loss due to the cost of postage.

Until PayPal decide I am worthy to have my own Money!

Then there is the postage thing, one item they would only let me charge £10 carriage for It was a large size, fragile and needed a fair amount of wrapping.

The postage alone cost me £11 plus a couple of quid for bubble wrap, the running round for a decent size box etc

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Restrictions are usually set in place if you have no payment cards or a direct debit set up for PayPal

I can tick that box' if the buyer pays for the footwarmer I will have to put money INTO my paypal account to post ir :?


It is bollox, it’s your money and they hold on to it .


They should atleast have transparent policy, with some sort of cap. Understandably as new seller I started with lower value items and am building up.

I have found the policy:

Payment holds occur because:

You have been selling on eBay for less than 90 days - Actually about 10 years but previous 3 items have been classified.

You have an eBay feedback score fewer than 100 and have not yet established a record of good performance - 100% as buyer and seller.

You have received fewer than 20 Detatiled Seller Ratings on eBay in the last 12 months or your eBay seller performance is below standard - Yup

You have a high rate of customer disputes or a low eBay feedback percentage - Nil disputes.

You have been a PayPal member for less than 6 months and have limited selling activity - over 15 years no disputes.

You have a sudden change in selling activities (e.g. suddenly selling expensive items, selling large numbers of items, etc.) - Urm yup

You happen to be selling in a high risk category such as tickets, travel, gift vouchers, computers, electronics, mobile phones, etc. - Nope

Depending on the circumstances, paypal may set aside payments for a single transaction or for all payments to sellers who meet the criteria above.

Problem is they have the monopoly and selling this stuff locally it would only end up sitting about for months.

1 Car cover been on FB for 6 months £15 no interest EBay for 10 day auction sold for but it now at £80 :D

Sad thing is knowing the policy I could now easily rip people.....

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The issue now is that Paypal works independently from eBay so not sure if that is what is causing these delays.


the bigger issue is paypay are not regulated by anyone like backs post office ect! use at your own risk as they can do what they like!

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Call ebay and tell them you want your money NOW .. the only thing now is if any one who's bought off you bangs up a problem ebay will send them there money back AND they dont need to send you the item back its disgusting.. ..


I'd send them an email that I'm coming for my item on such a date, or they can post it.

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Any eBay guru's in here?

A buyer is now demanding steps for an item that as far as I am aware did not have straps.

I offered it of kindness to except the item back if he posted it.

He has now gone down the E-bay returns route, I am not include to leave it as the guy is being a patronising d1ck.

My item description did not mention straps

"Voyager - Car Cover

Suits Triumph Sports Cars All Triumph TR Range, vitesse and others.

I doubt this has even been out the bag, bag is new with labels cover looks looks unused.

For Indoor & Outdoor use.

Voyager covers are lightweight yet incredibly strong. The silver outer coating reflects heat and UV making these a favourite choice for hot climates and very cold climates.

These covers also offer great protection from pet & wildlife damage.

They are often used on daily driven vehicles where overnight protection is required. The Coverzone Voyager fabric is a premium grade polyester that is highly water resistant and breathable. It also features a very high tear strength and can be used in extreme temperatures."

Neither did the manufacturers, although he states they include them

Who would eBay support? If I contest it can I still arrange for a return on item (at my cost) or does he keep it?

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A If no straps were implied or mentioned, I would contest, you sold it as described and sent it as an Un opened Un used item, he could have taken them out for all you know.

B chalk it down to experiance just refund the dick including carriage.

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A If no straps were implied or mentioned, I would contest, you sold it as described and sent it as an Un opened Un used item, he could have taken them out for all you know.

B chalk it down to experiance just refund the dick including carriage.


Thanks can I do A and then B or if you contest can you not get back...

Just to piss him off..

Oh and as cover is vehicle specific it took 2 seconds to find FB group he is member of so will sell in there and mention what happened selling on FB no names but his attitude say he will comment.

Edit to add Sod it Have gone for return using Ebay's system cause I hit wrong button and approved return.

My Reference "%1 1D10T "

I wonder if he will notice :angel12:

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