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  1. Yet I got screwed over transferring to the BM
  2. He is too old for that sort of thing now
  3. Good catch up as always mate I think you and Lisa need a test ride on one Bingo? now you are showing your age
  4. Recovery wagon? I rode it home
  5. I gave up after gen 2! the American market is different again with the gen 1 etc
  6. Rode it to go get my second jab, pick up a new shower pump go seen @NeilM and pick up a screw!! Luckily its not gone through!
  7. @Six30 paying them to go for a ride in the back of your van for their services is not classed as a customer
  8. I was two up on a new bike so I gave it a miss!
  9. Which is supposed to be better than the gen 1
  10. Yes it is a bit steep! Hence why I stopped where I did!
  11. Glad its not just me then! and am I right in thinking yours was newer than mine?
  12. Morning Great start to the day! Jumped in the shower as usual only to find the shower pump has given up the ghost Best go buy a new one then
  13. What's your least favourite bike that you have owned? For me its the 2001 FJR1300! I never really gelled with it to be honest and while it was a good bike for touring two up it was not a bike for riding on my own! It was fast which could give you the thrill if you wanted but the aerodynamics spoilt it massively. Low speed manoeuvrability was hard work the seat was hard and only good for around 150 miles. I am not sure if its because I came from sports bikes to the FJR why I never gelled with it but it just never felt right and I could never pin point why! So why did I buy it? Well I was doing very little mileage on sports bikes as the missus wouldn't get on them and working stupid shifts at the time meant I had limited weekends to get out! We took a mates FJR out and she liked it so I took the plunge and got one. My initial thought was its not a bike for me but I would get used to it after all its just like riding a bike I never did get used to it Financial reasons meant I kept it for 7 years where things got better but never great. So over to you lot
  14. Proposal 2: Reducing the size of motorcycles that can be used for the A2 category test. The law sets the MTV requirement for the vehicles that can be used on a practical driving or riding test. For the A2 category that is currently 395cc, provided also that the power output is at least 20kW, but does not exceed 35kW. This proposal reduces the engine size to 245cc. This will mean that people can use motorcycles for the A2 test that they feel more comfortable riding. The decision After taking all these views into account the government has decided to introduce this proposal. Arrangements will be made to amend the regulations to reduce the MTV for A2 motorcycles to 245cc, with the other power requirements remaining as they are. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/simplifying-driving-licence-upgrade-and-motorcycle-test-rules/outcome/simplifying-driving-licence-upgrade-and-motorcycle-test-rules-response-to-consultation This means that you can now take the A2 test on a 245cc bike
  15. give you £100 for it........
  16. Stu


    Looks like @Hoggs challenge has got a challenge
  17. Wish I could afford to! Not saying I would I just wish I could I know some track day junkies and they say there is a massive difference between the fast group and racing so you probably have a long way to go for that yet but get out and have some fun and learn as you go
  18. Give over! A mate of mine races and he has 12 years on you! although he has been racing a long time
  19. Looking good How long before you're racing?
  20. Nope! I meet @NeilM at his van its more comfortable!
  21. I was trying to keep our meeting tomorrow a secret ffs!
  22. Nah! just finished for the day! got seeds to sow tomorrow!
  23. It has room for a massive weird dickhead though which is coincidental to who has bought it
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