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Why should i sell the bike?????


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Well people i got the news we been waiting for a few weeks back and once we had the first scan i can confirm there will be a mini me kicking and screaming into the world around about november.

Now pretty much every person that has heard the news has said the same thing 'so when you selling the bike?'


Although some are messing, some are dead serious and shocked when i tell them its going nowhere and yes it WILL still be used.

I know im not going to have as much free time as i do currently but i will have some, and on top of it, its how i get to work.

What makes me laugh is not one single person has said i will have to sell the 360bhp, 110db, 16mpg (at best), stiff suspensioned evo.......... Wheres the sense in that.

How many others have encountered the utter nonsense comments like this

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Good job you stallion! :D

Tell them to shoo, you may have kids but you still need your space and time to yourself. If biking is how you want to spend it great :) Maybe take a little extra care ;) But don't let others dictate what you should do

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Congrats .......I think :?

:lol: :lol:

People are stupid!

Its the same when I got married!

things like oh you wont be out on bike now and when are you selling it!

usually go get f**ked stops the conversation in its track :lol:

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Firstly, congrats! I feel no shame at all in admitting that we both wept openly when we had our 12 week scan and saw XlittleIS for the first time - after two silent miscarriages at about 8 weeks.

Secondly, get your sleep in now; as of November, you will never sleep again. Ever. (Actually, it's not as bad as all that, they do usually sleep at night, despite what people say!)

Thirdly, tell the nosey bast*rds of this world to stick it! I once had a conversation as follows:

"When are you giving up the bike?"

"When I decide to do so."

"Oh, that's a good decision, it's for the best!"

"I haven't made it."


"The decision. I haven't made it."

"What decision?"

"The lights are on, but nobody's home, eh?"

"Which lights?"

"Your not a member of Mensa, are you?"



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A happy dad is a good dad.

I can hardly ever get out on the bike socially but jesus I'm a much nicer person because I'm a "biker".

True what they say tho. Sleep. Forget it.

Prepare to be an emotional wreck.

And bloody enjoy it!!!!

The first nappy I ever changed was whilst they were still in incubators in the special care baby unit. In all honesty I genuinely don't think I've ever really recovered.

I used to be "right handful"

Soft as shite now. Can cry at TV programmes....lol

You'll love it mate :thumb:

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Cheers guys.

I think some of them think they are funny too, prob because they were told to give up something when their little ones came along, but my other half isnt like that and knows the answer she would get if ahe asked me to get rid.

Yh im supping up all the power naps i can, i was visiting family this weekend i now have my first niece called Erin 9lb12oz of cuteness born on the queens bday so my bro will keep me in the loop what its like.


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In some ways they are easier to look after when they're that small - you can put them down and they don't go anywhere!


I think some of them think they are funny too, prob because they were told to give up something when their little ones came along


This reminds me of one of our neighbours who was passing with his wife one day when i had the Z out and was tinkering. We exchanged pleasantries and he started asking about the bike. "You're not having one!" she said to him as she shot him the glance of a woman who's husband has all the confidence of an emasculated chihuahua. He instantly started talking about the weather instead of the bike! :D

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From what Ive seen over the years.. many bikers who become new parents keep the bike.. unless or until something happens. and its at that point a decision is made. this isnt always an accident.. its more often something more practical like they need a bigger car.. or a bigger house and the 'disposable' money for the bike evaporates. they need instant cash and what better way than selling the bike.. that sort of thing.

i would suggest that this is why we have the phenomena of the 'born again biker' I cant count how many time Ive read something like.. i had a bike then 'real life' took over... but now the kids are at university... or married themselves and the time is right.

personally I have little time for doom mongers. we all live on the edge every day of our lives anyone who claims to live a safe life.. doesn't know what they're talking about. there is no such thing as a 'safe life'.

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For me (somewhat practical minded) the bike makes sense for me. 10 mins to and from work as opposed to nearly an hour through the traffic, 45 mpg so a tankful will last me a couple of weeks if i only use it for work, on top i enjoy it, and i can use it to escape for some me time if i need to, the other half has the town center for that. We have a 5 door golf which is a sensible car plenty of space, economical ect blah blah blah. If i need a quick injection of cash the evo will go! Its worth a load more than the bike and costs loads more too to run. So thats what i tell them when they say it needs to go.

I hope ill never be a born again biker just a biker, my dads always managed it just fine.

Cant wait to be a dad and nothing better than a cool biker dad :) im already the cool uncle to my sister in laws kids (although toby whos 2 thinks its his bike)

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Congrats. Mine arrives in the next week or so and I still have my bike. Missus won't make me get rid of it but I imagine she just wants me to be sensible.

Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk

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Aww this thread is so sweet! :love:

You lot are such a bunch of adorable softies :D If anyone ever tries to moan about "Scary biker gangs" I'll just show them this thread of proud dads :mrgreen:

Massive congrats FQ.. All the best of luck to you and family, I'm sure you'll be over the moon once the little one comes and this Christmas will be that much more magical :thumb:

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Thanks for all the congrats people.

If i could squeeze a litre bike in before baby arrives i would but got too much to buy for the lil one.

Unless i flog the car hmmmmm lol

She likes coming on the back sometimes and before she fell pregnant was talking about doing her cbt again but its on hold now, im sure ill get her on two wheels in the future :)

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It's all personal preference.

There's nothing wrong about giving up the bike as much as there's nothing wrong with you carrying it on. It's your risk to accept, and non-bikers aren't really in a position to know or judge so I wouldn't pay any attention.

I've been asked to give up biking in the past and you can imagine the response that was met with especially when I was younger.

In the last couple of years I've felt I could walk away from a lot of it if little ones entered the picture. Just my own preference really as I want the risk to drop to a level I think is acceptable. But I have no problems with people still doing track days etc, just so long as you're not a lunatic on the road :thumb:

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Unless there's a financial reason to get shut keep it. Motorcyclings a risky business ,but hey life Ain,t a rehearsal. If you're with a significant other she/he needs to understand the 'bike thing'.

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i was riding bikes before my kids came along and never stopped riding the oldest one is now 33 and youngest is 24,thats not to say t heir mum wanted me on the bike once kids were here but i always said to her i had the bikes before the kids and her and will still have them no matter what and its true we spilt many years ago now but i still got the bikes so im happy

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